The Other Side of Her Story


 When she put down her phone, every part of her body began to tremble, it started to get numbed and cold. Her world suddenly stopped and in her mind there was the flashback of everything that had happened. From the day they met until she said goodbye. She could feel her heartbeat, and tears began to flow from her eyes. She wiped it with her own hands, telling her self she’ll be fine. One down and the worst is not yet to come, she had planned it carefully, but not sure of the outcome of her decision. This situation might leave her heart-broken twice in one day!


One year ago.

She hugged him tight and kissed him. Not wanting to let him go. If only she could stop him from leaving. But the entire situation that is happening is for them, and knowing that makes her feel lucky. He wants to take care of her, as much as she wants to take care of him. His making sure that their future will be fine. Something that she is proud of the one she loves. They’ve been discussing their relationship for the past couple of years, and in fact it’s getting serious. Most of their friends got married, and they are one of the few couples who are left. But for them it really doesn’t matter because they wanted to have it at the right time.

Few days had passed; she already felt how lonely it is without him. Not able to tell to the person she loves how much she cares. Not able to hug him as tight as she wants. Days, weeks and months pass by is like a year. Everything that she does, reminds her of him. Her world revolves around him, and not having him around made her life slow down. In the comfort of her own room or bed, she cried a few times or maybe hundreds. But there’s nothing she can do, but to wait in agony. This is what they’ve been hearing a lot even before he left. It will be hard to have a long distance relationship; this will be a test if it will work or not, as the others said.

Hundreds of phone calls, text, e-mail and instant messaging done by them. But it is not the same when she was with him. Just to ease the misery, she goes out with her friends. She pretends being happy and having fun, though she’s not. Her eyes will show how lonely it is on her own again. The only thing that she ever wanted is with the person that she truly loved. But he is not there. So, she continuously disguises what she feels inside from her friends.

Through those times that she is alone and sad, there is this one person that had noticed her. From a distance, the person had admired her long way before they become friends. And he couldn’t control himself anymore; he couldn’t see her suffer for another day of her life. From that day he went to her side and consoles her. Everyday, they see each other and talk, not about them but with her relationship with her boyfriend. He became her best friend and somebody she can lean and cry with on his shoulder. But suddenly he stopped calling and seeing her without explaining the reason. She tried to talk to him, but he ignores her phone calls, text and e-mails. Until she met one of their friends, she asked about him. He was doing fine but not his heart. He was a heart-broken man. She asked the reason, and all she gets as an answer is that the guy is in love with her. Finding it out that his best friend was in love with her, shocked her most. Not knowing what to do, she rushes to his house. When she saw him, she was speechless. He looked like a wrecked guy who carries a heavy load of problems. Without saying anything, she run to him and hug her best friend. With her heart beating fast, she stopped and asked her self what’s this. She got scared and tried to run away. But her friend pulled her hand, hugged her tight and kissed her on the lips. She was trying to stop him, but she couldn’t let go. Being kissed by someone made her feel good. When her friend let go of her, he told her everything that she needs to know. She was crying hard not because of her guilt, but overwhelmed how this man loved her in a distance. When she cries for another man he pretends not to feel hurt. When he console her when he knows that it’s because of somebody else. Finally, her friend said that he will be gone for quite sometime. He doesn’t know until when but he’ll be back. He told her he will return when his ready to face her again. When he is already healed with his broken heart.

There had been an endless nights for her. She can’t stop thinking about her friend. The one who had been there for her all those time when he was gone. The one who made her laugh when she started to cry. The one, whom she can lean on to when there’s nobody else. It was too sad for her to let this guy slip away. She cried a lot. Then as she tried to forget and move on with her life, she received a phone from her friend. He’s saying goodbye for good. She will not see him again. And then suddenly she felt a sudden pain on her heart. It was a pain that she couldn’t bare. She started to sob and when she finally can’t control herself she cried as loud as anybody could hear. When her friend heard that she’s crying, he asked her to stop and then for the last time he said goodbye. The next thing that she heard is a dial tone. He was gone.

Her heart got scarred. It wasn’t easy for her. But deep inside she knew that if she doesn’t do anything, she’ll forever regret it for the rest of her life. From that day on, she started to plan everything. It might cause her a lot even her heart, but it’s the only risk that she can do. Giving up her love and finding the man who’s right for her heart.

Present time!

After breaking-up with her boyfriend, she rushes out on her car. She went straight to her friends’ house. She knew that he will still be there, preparing for his stuff. When she arrived, she found some of their friends hanging out at his place. She was too nervous to see him. But she has to say this to him, personally. She needs to find out for herself. When her friend came out and saw her, their eyes met. She was controlling her tears from her eyes. Then his friend knew that they will have a serious talk for a long time. He took her hand and brought her inside of his house. At that time she knew he won’t leave her. Suddenly the tears fell from her eyes continuously. And then she thought that it was a happy tear, she is finally home at last.

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