The New Ms Philippines Earth 2010 Will PSYCHE You OUT!

Dear Definitely Filipino Readers:

Finally, we can move on and leave the Ma. Venus Raj issue behind and welcome a new Filipina beauty queen into the fold: Kris Psyche Resus, Ms. Philippines Earth 2010.  I had the chance to have an intimate chat with her and this is what I discovered about her…

Ms Phillippines Earth 2010 Psyche Resus on the front page of The Philippine Star

Today, April 26, 2010 must be a glorious day for our new Ms Philippines Earth 2010 Kris Psyche Resus! Her face is on the front page of every major Philippine newspaper BUT reality is beginning to sink in. Psyche Resus is feeling a little scared and nervous about it all. The first thing she thought of when she woke up a beauty queen for the first time was: “OMG, there is SO much for me to do today!”

And she kids you not; all Ms Philippines Earth winners have to seriously work their butts off to “save the earth in their swimsuits!” 🙂

Ms Philippines Earth 2010 Psyche Resus in a swimsuit


First of all, Psyche Resus didn’t expect to win the Ms Philippines Earth beauty title, a sentiment shared by many in the crowd that watched her win. However, she was fervently praying to make it into the Top 5 as a ‘self-preservation’ thing; Psyche Resus just didn’t want to go home without a trophy.

So, what clinched her victory?

Psyche Resus doesn’t think she won because she looked the best, walked the best and talked the best. In our conversation, she admitted feeling that most of the other candidates did a better job; she even mentioned Sian Maynard (the crowd favorite, representing Cebu) was a worthy competitor and more than just GOOOOD! So Psyche Resus figures that it must have been her passion for “Mother Earth” during the Q&A portion that caught the hearts of the judges.


Actually, I thought she had a long-winded answer in the Q&A. Her questions was: Water conservation is the theme of this year’s pageant. What would you create as your own campaign and why?

Psyche Resus went around the bush once or twice or thrice before saying that she’d like to spearhead a food shelter for volunteers who come to clean up the Pasig River on weekends. Nice answer, the food-lover in me thought… but a little toooo long.


However, Psyche Resus quickly defended her long answer. First of all, she felt it was one of the the hardest questions because it required her to come up with a major plan right on the spot. Secondly, she happens to come from a family of outpsoken women who love to debate and talk non-stop. Her Mom Elaine is a former English teacher and NGO activist who now designs jewelry (she made the chandelier earrings Psyche Resus wore the night she won!) and her Lola Rosalinda is a feisty grand dame. Both elder ladies were present at the Ms Earth Philippines 2010 coronation and while Mom Elaine’s jaw dropped when her daughter was announced top winner, Lola Rosalinda wept for joy.

Ms Philippines Earth 2010 Psyche Resus on the front page of Abante - check out the chandelier earrings!!!


Don’t let the twang and fluency fool you like it did me. I thought this lady spent some time in the US but Psyche Resus grew up in the Philippines all her life and has never been outside the country. She is a product of St. Theresa’s College (high school) and is currently a student of UP’s Open University earning a degree in Associate in Arts.

She also happens to be named after the mythological human character Psyche who was so beautiful she became the target of the jealous goddess Venus but survived through it all. Her Mom gave her that name with the hope that her daughter would overcome whatever the gods threw her way. And it seems to be pretty prophetic considering some of the tough things she has had to endure. At age 14 her parents separated and she has been estranged from her father ever since. Although it was very difficult to deal with at first, Psyche Resus says, “you get to live with it.”

Ms Philippines Earth 2010 Psyche Resus surrounded by her co-contestants!


Going through that separation must have somehow prepared Psyche Resus for a second rejection – three or four years ago, she auditioned together with Karla Paula Henry for Bb. Pilipinas. But that proved to be a lonely exercise – both girls were turned away during the initial screening. A major disappointment for Paula and Psyche who both cried bitterly at not making it into the list of Bb. Pilipinas candidates that year.

Little did they know that one day in the future they would be balancing glittery crowns on their heads – Paula Henry as Ms Earth 2008 and Psyche Resus as our Ms Philippines Earth 2010. Sweet, sweet victory!


Underneath that hip-hugging bikini, Psyche is a geek who prefers to keep her TV glued to ANC’s Halalan Debates (she is a registered voter) and her reading time devoted to ‘un-beauty-queen-like’ things. Her current addiction, I mean, addition to her library is the Pellinor series – a four-book fantasy written by Australian author Alison Croggon.

Psyche Resus’ sporty side is also a little geeky – she’s deep into Ultimate Disc (aka Frisbee) and says the sport is perfect for her since she LOVES to run. (And I guess catch things? LOLOL!) In fact, the night before coronation, Psyche Resus was so stressed out she called her Ultimate Disc friends to come over to the Manila Ocean Park (where the Ms Earth Philippines candidates were living) to play. So she was up at 2am in the morning of coronation might, running around the front yard of Manila Ocean Park, with her friends, chasing a frisbee.

Before her fascination for chasing flying objects, Psyche Resus expended energy through Aikido and Wall Climbing. Now we know why she won the Best in Swimsuit award in one of the Ms Philippines Earth 2010 pre-pageant events.

Ms Philippines Earth 2010 Psyche Resus on the front page of the Philippine Daily Inquirer


Flying to Vietnam to represent the Philippines in the Ms Earth beauty pageant will be Psyche Resus’ first time to travel outside the country.

Is she excited? A little bit. Mostly she is worried. Psyche Resus’ cold analysis of herself is that at 5’5″ (some scales say 5’6″) she just isn’t tall enough. A big problem, she says, because there’s nothing much that can be done about it except think tall, project great and to keep in mind that she is, after all, representing the Philippines with her Filipino height.

Since when has height stopped Filipinos from winning? PSYCHE ’em out grrrl and go get the crown !!!

by Joyce Burton Titular, the blogging beauty queen

photos from OPMB, Konrad Ong, Jonas Yu and meself…

Ms Philippines Earth 2010 Psyche Resus with blog author Joyce Burton Titular... the blogging beauty queen, LOLOL!