The Moro Story is the Filipino Story

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There is no path to peace. Peace is the path.

–Mahatma Gandhi

Peace in Mindanao has been unstable. From the colonization era until today, several militant groups and rebels are fighting for their own claim. The Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao in particular is continuing to struggle to self determination.

As the Moros claim and Moro historian would say that the ARMM (now Bangsamoro land) was illegally annexed to the Philippines. And their claim to self determination heightened because of the Jabida Massacre.

Bangsamoro was a nation before the Philippines was established and discovered as said by Sitti Djalia Hataman, Representatives of Anak Mindanao(AMIN). Bangsamoro was sovereign nation 116 years back (started as early as 1405) before the coming of Spaniards. They have established their own politics and society.

The struggle of Moro to self determination resulted to the creation of ARMM in 1989 . Followed by he creation of Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro (CAB) in 2014 would testify to the failure of the ARMM. Again the aimed of the agreement is to end the peace instability in Mindanao.

Now, the uncertainty of Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) may cause to series of conflict, several analyst agreed. As the congress concluded that it is unconstitutional. In the name of western law, it is. But Moros have laws. Moros have laws that can not be understood by constitution, The shariah law.

The upper house did not stand only to the opposition but even create their own version of BBL. In particular, Senator Marcos has its own version of BBL. His integrity is questionable. Didn’t he forget that the primary cause of the creation of MILF and MNLF and other militant group was because of his father, the former president Marcos.

Moros will never forget the Jabida Massacre where 68 young Moros 18 to 24 years of old were killed at Corregidor because they refused to paticipate in the operation Merdeka (the operation was aimed to kill muslim in Sabah). And they can not tolerate to kill their own Muslim brothers.

The misconception of the Nortes to the Moros can demoralize and demotivate them. It hurst them, indeed. Hearing that they were a terrorist because people from Luzon and Visayaz do not understand their claim. And genaralizing that Muslims are terrorists. The media heightened the prejudice of many to Moros. As the media would show Moros are rebels and know only to kill. Who label the Moros as terrorist? Who label the Muslims as terrorist? The media (the irresponsible reporting) is one responsible since most of our informations are from media.

Whatever the label that they have got their sincerity to negotiate with the Philippines government is continuing. But for others its questionable. However did they question the sincerity and dignity of the government toward peace? How many MILF that were killed? How many civilian that were killed? How many civilian that were displaced? And yet the Moros don’t complaint to the government moves towards a series of clash.

Because Moros value peace as they value life, they continue peace process. They are continuing the explanation of their claims. They are continuing to tell their story. Because the Moro story is also the Filipino story.

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