The moment I fall in love


If there’s one thing I could ever describe my week it would be – busy. I’ve been in and out of meetings, doing paperwork, and chasing deadlines. I must say, it has been a very productive week. Tired as I may be, everything feels so rewarding.

I rush towards the coffee shop where my bros are at. It’s been a while since we got together and today is just the perfect day to hangout since everyone’s free. It will probably turn into a dope booze night. I park my car and head to the cafe.

I spot them the minute I reach the glass doors. They wave at me and I join them at the table, greeting them with the official fist bump we made way back college years. The cafe is packed and noisy, but I don’t actually mind. People seem to be enjoying their Saturday. Everyone at our table is rambling about the game last night, how close the scores and how awesome the shots were. Two friends are arguing about who shot better. Oh man, this is exciting.

Before anything else, I excuse my self to order my drink at the counter. I probably should get a frappe since it’s hot. Macchiato frappe would do. While I wait for my order, my phone beeps indicating a text from my sister informing me that she would be out with her friends. I frown, I thought she would be staying at home, but shrug it off knowing that she deserves to have some fun, too.

After getting my order, I head back to the table while I text her not to be out too late. I am about to send that message when I bump into something, someone. “Ow!” she says, touching her nose that bumped into my right collarbone. Feeling that it is my fault that she is hurt, I mumble an apology as I watch her rub her nose, still looking down. It know it seems inappropriate to think about this at the moment, but she looks cute.

“It’s okay, it’s not your…” she’s about to say when she notices my frappe dripping from my left hand. Her eyes widen and she panics. She then profusely apologizes while I stare at her. I couldn’t help but laugh a little at how adorable she looks. She mumbles something under her breath and slowly turns to look at me. For the first time, our eyes meet.

Her eyes, there’s something about her eyes. It’s so brown, and telling. It’s like she cast a spell on me. I could get lost in it forever.

After what seems like forever, I say “Hey, relax. No harm done” and smile at her. At her beauty. It’s just so easy to smile at her, it’s like an instinct. She blushes a little and smiles, too. Oh God, her smile is beautiful.

I introduce myself, “Hi, I’m ____” and offer my hand, wishing I’d get to hold hers, too. “Uhmm, hi. I’m _____” she says shaking my hand. Suddenly, I feel a bolt of electricity crawl up my arm. Or am I imagining it?

Not wanting to part ways with her too soon, I offer to get her a drink and she gently refuses, telling me her friends are waiting in the table at the corner. Following her eyes, I glance at their table where her friends are curiously watching us. Oh, I forgot. It’s just, it felt like it was just us two the moment we bumped into one another.

Of course she’s here  with her friends same as I am with mine who are also watching me and “her” like hawks. Oh man, they are going to grill me the minute I reach our table, fosho.

I turn my gaze back to her and she excuses herself to go back to her friends, “Umm, I have to go. Sorry again,” she says as she begins to walk away. Too soon, she’s leaving too soon. Wanting to get a glimpse of her cute face again, I say “No biggie. It was nice meeting you, though.” She turns around, (Yes!) and I smile instinctively at her.

I go back to the table with the guys all looking at me with knowing smiles. As soon as I reach the table, they grill me on who you are and if I knew her. They keep on looking at their table, trying to find out if she is familiar. Telling them I only got to know her today, they punch me on the shoulder and laugh. Some actually hurt though, I rub my shoulder and laugh and steal a quick glimpse of her. Seeing that she’s already looking at me with curious eyes, I smile and she smiles back, too. Dude, today is such an awesome day.

Weeks later, I find myself thinking about her, still. I tried going back to the cafe in the hopes of finding her there, however, we never got to cross paths again. I tried searching her name in social networking sites and found nothing. Where is she? Was it all a dream? Will I ever see her again?

On a Friday, I decide to hit the gym. As I go out of my car, I plug in my earphones in the attempt to get that pre-workout vibe. While scrolling through my playlist, I look up and see someone from a distance who seems to be busy sorting her things while walking. Sunlight hits her hair, which is slightly in disarray, making it look red. I suddenly get that feeling again. It’s her. I found her.

I call her once, but she doesn’t seem to hear me. I call her again, and magically, she turns around trying to see who called her. She meets my eyes and I run toward her. She looks even more beautiful than the way I imagined her. She smiles and I suddenly lose it, “I found you again,” I blurted out. I ask her out for coffee, but she politely declines telling me she’s got to rush for something. Oh that explains why she looks in a hurry. Not wanting to delay her from her appointment, but also not wanting to let go of her, I nervously ask for her number. Crap, what am I thinking? She might think I’m too douchey for being too fast. She might not even give me her number. She surprises me by reciting her digits, which I hurriedly encode into my phone. Is this really happening? Yeah! I wanna high five myself. After bidding goodbye, I grin from ear to ear. I’m pretty sure I kind of look like an idiot, smiling while working out.

For days, I’ve been contemplating whether or not to text her already. Maybe it’s too soon? Maybe I should give her time? But I couldn’t wait any longer. I want to see her again, I need to see her again. After pacing for what seems like minutes, I decide to text her tonight. “Hi, what’s up?” I type then immediately erase it. No. Too douchey. “Hi, good evening!” Nope, too formal. Oh man, how do I do this?

After 30 minutes or so, I finally settle to “Hey :)” and send it before I get second thoughts and chicken out again. For the first time in months, I’m nervous. What if she won’t text back? What if she ignores me? Wait, I probably should introduce myself so she’d know it’s me. “This is ____, btw :)” I quickly add and go back to pacing. I check my phone, she hasn’t replied yet. I pace. I check my phone again, no reply yet. She probably forgot me or doesn’t want to talk to me. I sit on my bed in frustration. Was my move wrong? Maybe I shouldn’t have texted her yet?

While I bury my face into my hands, my phone beeps. My heart skips a beat. Wait, it might not be her. Don’t get your hopes too high up, dude.

I peak at my phone to see who message is from and a smile breaks loose as I read that it’s from her. “Well hello to you, too stranger 🙂” it says. I ask how she is and wait for her reply. I get that feeling that it’s going to be another awesome night. Yeah!

It’s been a couple of days, and we’ve constantly been exchanging text messages. I’d call her from time to time, just to hear her voice. She speaks so low sometimes since she really isn’t allowed to get calls in the middle of the night. We talk about everything, from the lamest of things, to the most important ones. She tells me about her plans after graduate school and I tell her all about my job. We joke around sometimes and it’s good to laugh from time to time. She tells me the beach is her favorite place since it brings her peace and I promise myself I’m going to bring her there, someday. We’ve only known each other for weeks, but from how we talk to one another, it feels like I’ve known her forever.

I finally ask her out on a date, and she says yes. We go out to dinner, and after that, I take her to the beach where we sit on the hood of my car. Again, we talk. It actually feels nice to hang out with someone who has the same vibe as yours.

We never seem to run out of things to talk about. Everything becomes interesting and I feel comfortable talking to her about random things. I even tell her about the time when I climbed a tree and broke my arm. I ask her about her studies and she tells me that she’s about to give up. I tell her not to, because she’s on the right track. There’s just something beautiful in the way a person pursues something she’s passionate about. I see that in her, in how she talks about school like it’s the most interesting thing in the world, in how she believes that all her sleepless nights will be worth it in the end.

We go to numerous dates after that. It surprises me how game she is to go on crazy adventures like me. And it actually feels nice to do things that I like with someone I care about. She has easily become one of the most important persons in my life and I like how we push one another to be better. Oftentimes, we spend our days just chilling and catching up. But it’s never boring, instead, it feels relaxing.

One perfect afternoon, we chill by the beach and I watch the sunset with her. It never fails to amaze me how perfectly life turned out to be. One day you’re alone, the next day, you meet someone unexpectedly and she changes your life forever. For the better. I’m glad I found that person and even happier that I have her right now sitting next to me.

I turn to look at her, and try to remember the day we first met. Macchiato frappe has become my favorite drink since then. She looks up from her book, gives me a curious look and asks why I keep looking at her like that. I just smile at her, and fix the hair that’s blowing on her face. “Because you are amazing,” I want to tell her. She smiles that smile that I like, and I suddenly want to stay in this moment forever.

If I could freeze this moment I would. But since I couldn’t I just sit there, reveling in all it’s beauty. Indeed, life works magically. And just when you think you’re content of living life alone in black and white, someone comes along and makes it all better.

As the sun sets kissing the sea, I take her hand, and sigh. She leans her head on my shoulder and I lay my head on top of hers. This is perfection. My kaleidoscope of colors.

And this, this is the moment I knew I fell in love.

<3 <3 <3


Male version of This is how we’ll fall in love

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