The “Lost” Daughter

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She’s beautiful. She’s rich. She’s intelligent. She’s popular.

She was hailed that way by her friends, her relatives, her school, and even strangers. She’s more than an asset when someone gets to know her. Everyone knows her. Some girls wanted to be like her. They wanted to be her friend, her acquaintance at least. But unfortunately, everyone just see her as what she is. Unfortunately, in reality, not everyone exactly knows her from deep within: except her family.

Everyone thinks she studies very hard out of her own will.

She was the Valedictorian when graduated from elementary, not until secondary years came that a better student beat her up from the top; she was down to the 2nd slot. Given the “unlucky” event, her mother wanted to transfer her on a different school, believing the she would again win the so called “lost battle” on a different environment with different students. The mother strongly believed that she’ll bagged the 1st honor there, but the daughter refused to. She strongly objected. Not everyone realizes that during her school days, she persevered out of pressure.

Everyone thinks she’s very well reserved that she doesn’t like to go out every weekend.

She got a lot of friends, and majority of them enticed her to go to the beach, or have an overnight stay on a friend’s crib, go to the mall, or got a “shower” under the rain. She really liked to go. She would ask her mother for permission, but her Mama would always say “No.” She was left alone in her room, crying.. just trying to be contented on talking with her pillows and stuffed toys. Not everyone knows that she was treated like a prisoner before.

Everyone thinks she‘s got a lot of suitors/boyfriends.

Many would pursue her, asking her if she could be their girlfriend. Some would even go to her house to meet her parents. The boys are overwhelming. But she is a good daughter right? She would reject them, asking them to stop already. She would say that she’s not yet ready, and her priority was just to study. One time, her father has read one of the love letters her suitor gave to her (blame it on a shelf that doesn’t know how to keep ‘secrets’). The father confronted her and angrily asked about that piece of paper. How could she explain? Whatever she’ll say, her father would think differently. Not everyone realizes that as much as her happiness to go out with friends, her love life was as well controlled by her parents.

Everyone thinks she’s a kind daughter.

College years came and she got the opportunity to live in the city, away from her parents. She has learned to live independently, cook for herself, wash clothes without her mother, wake up early with alarm clock. Travel on her own, save on her own, decide on her own. She learned to be stronger, tougher. She started to unfollow her parents, fight words with them, ignore them. She was already a different daughter. Until one time, a confrontation flamed between her and her mother. It was hot, boiling! There’s a lot of exchange words and upbraiding. She fights for her right. But she was misinterpreted by the mother. Not everyone realizes that she was called the “blackship’ of the family.

Everyone thinks she got a lot of money.

When she graduated, she happened to work in a well-known prestigious five-star hotel. She works 12 to 14 hours a day without any overtime pay. She needs to rent for a room nearer to her workplace and it is where ¾ of her salary goes. She eats seldomly to save money, and depends only with hotel’s complimentary food. She treats herself once in a bluemoon if there’s a tip from the customer, but just stays on her room when there’s none. Her boss was like a female mafia leader. The colleagues took advantage of her skills and strengths, she was used. She was underpaid. She’s exhausted everyday. She was alone. She only lasted for more than a year. And when her friends would ask her to go out with them to unwind, she would always say “No”. She’ll always say she’s busy and there are conflicts on her schedules. Those were all lies. How could she say the truth? Not everyone realizes the hardships she’s in while working and how poor she was that time.

Today, she’s struggling to get the dream job she wanted, but every time she feels that she’s almost there, fate seems to fail her at times. She would almost give up. But she remembered everything that she’s been through, the lessons she has learned, the discipline her parents laid on her. How could she forget?

Everyone thinks she’s an ideal girl, but she’s not. She has failures. She has insecurities. She has negativities. She knows that. Her family knows that.

She remembered those times when her parents would ask her to study hard and be on top. She realized that the world is a big competition of people, of dreams. Everyone gives their best. Everyone wanted to be on top.

She remembered those times when her mother wouldn’t allow her to go out. She realized there is more to life than just having fun. There are more important things to attend to and a day is not enough to accomplish all.

She remembered those times when she was forbidden for a romantic relationship. She realized that the right time will come when the perfect guy will finally arrived, on the right place, at the right situation. Now, she finally found the one, her first and hopefully, her last boyfriend that she could be with for the rest of her life.

She remembered those times when she wanted to rebel with her parents. She realized some were worth it, and some were not. Worth it because her parents realized that they became too strict and stiff with her, and sometimes, not worth at all because the virtue of not respecting them will eventually lead to a stained relationship.

She remembered those times when she’s broke and she can’t take anything out of her wallet anymore, she would run to her parents to give her some. Her parents would not object, for they know the difficulties their daughter has went through.

She was loved. She was forgiven. She was thankful.

And now she’s fighting for her dreams, with heads high. Hopes higher. She believes with herself. And her parents believe with her more. They are supportive. Always cheering her up. Always at her back.

She had no idea until today that all along, her parents are her savior.

She’s home.

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