The Lost Art of Writing Love Letters

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I have read (read article) somewhere (of similar title) that writing love letters is somewhat a dying art.  I wouldn’t say it is. But it had evolved into something else.

So I’m asking, ever gotten a love letter? Well, some of you might say “oh! yeah!” “of course.. who doesn’t?”. What i meant weren’t the ones sent by email or by Facebook private message but real, handwritten, typographically incorrect (so many spelling mistakes), and grammatically-incorrect letters? Did it bring out the feelings? Did it feel more sincere?

I also read somewhere that the postal system has declined, for obvious reasons. Everything is fast-paced and instant. We have so much means of communication yet we never communicate properly. What exactly do you mean when you say “I love you”, or “I miss you” or when you type those air kisses emoticons (whatever that is)?

I miss it. No one writes fancy love letters anymore. I should probably have said there are more love letters now, sent by emails and private messages, but it just doesn’t feel the same. It feels insincere. Not that the writer is insincere, it just feels that way.

Before, when my dad sends us letter from Saudi Arabia, I used to find them corny. Never even appreciated his letters and never thought of how long those letters will take to arrive. Now, with the internet, the cellphones, who needs letters? You can say whatever you want, when you want it. It’s so much faster.

The first time I received a love letter from a guy… I got mixed emotions. Excited, confused, annoyed, jittery and what else, oh.. I cracked up! It was funny, for me. I even tore off one of the letters because I find everything in the letter so corny, my hair started to rise.. ewwwwww!!!!!!! yuckkkkk!!! That’s the feeling!

I know it sounds obnoxious. Those guys probably have looked back and wondered what the hell were they thinking when they were writing me letters. I did appreciate the effort but sadly, I couldn’t return the gesture.

I do not consider myself conservative or even traditional. But I often wonder what it would be like to receive letters by snail mail again? Or love letters that go through so many hands (passed on) – from a friend to a friend to a friend to your best friend and in the end, you. I wonder who still does that.


– originally written from my Facebook Notes… (July 2011)

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