The Life of an Artist

Photo by Free-Photos (Pixabay)

Behind the glamour and the prestige of an artist lies an everyday struggle finding inspiration within. Likewise, finding money to buy canvas, plus hours and hours working on our pieces.

Sometimes we don’t get the respect that we artist deserve from our government because of extreme criticism from people, peers and our colleagues. Sometimes we don’t eat just to provide canvas where we could create masterpieces. Sometimes we borrow money from our families and relatives to create imaginative cognitive expression to the world, and in return we rarely get recognized by everyone.

But with determination and faith in God we manage to use our creative gifts to relay a clear and fresh perspective towards serenity and creating positive change through visual expression and aesthetic impact to the world.

Lastly, the life of an artist is an adventure towards self discovery and mastery of one’s consiousness towards a higher purpose and being an artist takes a lot of guts and risks with great patience, practice and perservance and it takes also passion towards innovative means of expression one’s self.

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