The Legend of the Sewer People

Sewer People (Photo Credit: Wallpaper4me)
Sewer People (Photo Credit: Wallpaper4me)

1. The young boy looked in earnest at the blazing eyes of his father.“You must not venture into the light. You must not leave the comfort of the dark. The light is a temptation for dying. The light is for those who need shadows to blame for their faults. The light is for the vain and the superficial.”

Sewer People  (Photo Credit:    Wallpaper4me)
Sewer People (Photo Credit: Wallpaper4me)

He peeked thru the little hole and saw the beauty of the sun. He heard the laughter of children playing, the music of the wind as it brushed against the trees and the flowers. Somehow, he caught  a glimpse of the blue sky and the emerald field. “How can such beauty be so bad!”

2. The soldier waited in the dark. The bleakest of nights with a dead moon was what he wanted. They would never know he was waiting. Vengeance would be sweet. The blood of his brothers would flow again with the blood of his enemies. Their dying would not be in vain. He heard the approaching footsteps.  In the dark, everybody was an enemy. Everybody must die.  In an instant of eternity, he emptied his magazine. The silence and the putrid smell of gunpowder combined to herald death.

In the dark, where nobody could see, the soldier cried.  “Now they are dead, can my brothers come back to life?”

3. The prostitute approached the car with two men. They would be the last trick for the night. A quick f–k and a bj should do it. They asked how much. She said two for the price of one and got in the car. They drove in a vacant parking lot.  In a matter of seconds, the men were groaning in ecstasy. The men paid her and left.   She counted the proceeds for the night. Two hundred dollars. Not bad.

Some money to buy food, pay the rent and score some speed. The night had been kind. She was thankful for that. The coming morning would be more bearable.  She should be happy. With a laugh, she cursed the damned tears.

4. The young boy questioned in silence. His father continued.  “In the
dark everybody is perfect. There is no acne on your face, no blemish on
your skin. Darkness makes everybody pretty. Darkness even hides your soul. Darkness makes everybody equal.”

There was wisdom in those words but the boy heard only excuses. “In the light, everybody is naked. So one wears clothes and fake stones to hide the human within. Once hidden, we proclaim truth, beauty and forever. Yet the essence is lost to the light that is supposed to show the way.”

5. “Meet me by the roses at the stroke of midnight”, said the young man to his beloved. “With the fragrance of the night, we will discover the beginning of time and treasure eternity. If your love is true, you will come to hold my hand and commune with life as we trace the sweet dew of midnight rainbows. Let the mystery of the night show us the truth of the morning that we may wake up in the bliss of the burning sun.”

She held his face and promised him with a kiss. “I will be there to caress the darkness that love may last beyond the dawn.”

6. The young boy looked at the cripple. His eyes were hollow sockets. Once he was proud and brave. He ventured into the light and was found barely alive. He spoke with a stutter but the words never wavered. “I sought life with all its beauty. I followed my dream regardless of safety nor comfort. I found death and bitterness in the warmth of the sun. Without regrets, though, I will do it again.”

He touched the cripple’s paralyzed arms. Pride and defiance still flowed in his veins.  The young boy found the answer to his question.

7.  “I will not say goodbye for fear of being lost.  I will try to look back at every step, memorizing the faces of the past that I may identify the future. I will keep your words in my tongue for your truth is my temple. Speak of me kindly to the generations yet unborn as the dreamer who set out to find the light in spite of the dark’s gentleness. I will be indebted to you beyond time.”

The father folded the letter of his son who was no more. There were questions but the answers no longer mattered.  Life was its own reply.

8. They found the young boy’s lifeless body the next day. They carried him back to the sewer where he belonged. In the dark, the father watched over what remained of his son. The cold and the blackness connived to comfort the wounded heart.

The cripple spoke. “To have lived in the light of truth and warmth for a moment is worth dying a hundred deaths. Let us mourn our fears and cowardice for the dark will never be life.”

author:  danmeljim


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