The League Of Extraordinary Ladies and Gentlemen… A Tribute To Teachers

Heroes come in different packages, some are in tight and skimpy costumes, others are disguised as normal human beings with great powers, and once in our lives we believed that they were real and we hoped to be one of them. But as we grow older, we start to realize that they are but just fictitious characters out of comic books and will never be real. I felt the same way, I had my beliefs when I was a child and even dreamed of becoming one until I came to the point that age and maturity gave me the realization that there are no such things as super heroes and great powers. I held on to that belief that no one in this world can be like that man of steel or that dark knight until I became a part of the academe.


Yes, I now believe in super heroes, I believe that they exist among us, I believe that they have great powers and just like the man who can jump off from high building to another their power comes with great responsibility, our future. These people live a life simpler than Clark Kent’s and Peter Parker’s. They never had a chance to wear eye-catching wardrobes underneath their uniforms. They never had a chance to show their great powers thru creative weaponry and armory because all they have is a chalk and board to write unto. They did not flaunt what they can do but they can make wonders in just one stroke. They were not popular, and did not ask for fame or recognition but in one day, they can turn one simple life into greatness. They help and save lives and even if the effort is left unnoticed, they remain constant to their vision and hone every single soul they encounter. They saved a multitude of lives even if only a few can recognize their sacrifice.

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These people have powers beyond imagination. They have the power to become parent, an actor, a doctor, a lawyer, a psychologist, a preacher, a laborer, a care-giver, a writer all at the same time. Their ability to transform from one character to another is unbelievable. They have the power to feel other people’s feelings and most of the time what they detect is hopelessness and despair in one individual and will do everything to give hope and courage to those who need it. They are mind readers, they read young minds and cultivate them. Super heroes in movies won most of  their battles if not all, these individuals have battles to fight and survive as well. It is a never-ending battle of prejudice, criticism and misjudgment. But until now, they are still giving a good fight and never let these demons get the best of them because thousands of lives are in their hands.

Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes

These people were not compensated like others,most of them do not receive the glory they deserve but they never ask anything in return. Sometimes, they feel that they can gain more tangible wealth if they choose to give up their special powers and lead a more luxurious profession. They too have weaknesses. This ideal is their kryptonite but just like Superman, they do not let it get the best out of them. They held on to the oath that they promised to educate, motivate and inspire. These people made doctors, lawyers and tycoons out of young hearts. They may not be wealthy in receiving but that they are truly wealthy in giving. Their richness and recognition is not measured by what they are receiving but is measured by what they are sharing.

Teachers and Educators are real life super heroes. They are the people who will continue to inspire me. They are an extraordinary league of people who puts service first. They are self-less and giving. They are epitome of hard work and commitment. In this world, you are one of the few  who can proudly say that you served your purpose well. To all teachers out there, hold your head high because your powers are beyond physical strength, your abilities are beyond words and your love for your students is incomparable. Your great powers come with greater responsibility and in every life that you changed is a one victorious battle you won. For me, you will forever be a “League of Extraordinary Ladies and Gentlemen”,  a league that will always be remembered.

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