The Last Walk

the last walk“If love could have saved you,
you would have lived forever.”

                                               Jon Bratton

She couldn’t believe they have gone this far; nine long years of friendship. She can still remember that first few months they had after they met online. It was like a roller coaster of emotions. Some days bad…some days went smooth..the rest…it was ok.


She was there for him during the times he needed someone to talk to, even if she had not seen him in person. She’s always been there for him, even after she learned the dark past that cannot be erased; the past that has been part of his existence.

He allegedly killed someone.

It was not because he’s on duty and the need is there to neutralize someone, but it was because he wanted to redeem his dignity and honor as a husband.

It ruined him. A wrecked home, a solo parent, a father who took the four young children under his wing, and above all he’s a broken man.

Robbed of the zest of life, he retreated to himself and lost the confidence of trusting another human being.

The timing of her coming into his life was just great. As he asked her, “Now that you know, will you leave me too?”

But she never left, she stood beside him, boosted his morale, became a confidante.

Until they met.

She saw him rise from a fallen man to a man who reached his heyday again.

She was happy.

From what could have been an intimate relationship, it bloomed into a beautiful friendship.

Rare but real.

She could still remember the time they thought they were in love…it was a disaster.

Petty quarrels, daily spats, misunderstandings..the good old jealousy issue…..ohh one couldn’t imagine it didn’t happen in the nine long years.

It did, it was not a picnic,  but he was quick to look for solutions.

“Intimate relationship is not for us, I don’t want to lose you”, he said.

“I want you more as best friend”, he continued.

At first she thought it was a betrayal of trust, he is trying to set her aside for someone new, but later she understood; in friendship, they will never lose each other.

And it was true, women come and go in his life but she remained.

He was there for her even if they haven’t seen each other for almost a year.

Nine years…………ohhh, it could have been more, had the accident didn’t occur.

She felt a drop of water on her face as she heard somebody beside her say, “It’s drizzling.”

It brought her back to the present.

She was walking with him.

But, it wasn’t like the way it used to be.

Today, he is walking side by side with his superiors and comrades, and she was behind him.

She felt proud of how he lead his life as she looked at him. She felt proud she had been part of his life..from misery to jubilation.

He lived his life to the fullest.

And yes, even though she walked behind him now, she felt that pride of holding his hand before.

She walked behind his hearse as they lead him to his last destination.

The last walk with him was truly meaningful.


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