The Lack of Knowledge Keeps Many Filipinos Ignorant and Fearful



Today’s leaders are totally ignorant that no matter the number or severity of  mistakes they make they are always right. They ignore right and wrong in order to satisfy their needs. They know it’s wrong, but do not care about such knowledge or the aftermath as a result from their morally bad or wrong behavior.

Getting rich is the main goal for many of our politicians. From my own perspective, our country is drowning with key facts and information of problem from corruption, poverty, crimes, fraud and you name it.

That’s one of the most confusing things about our country today. You can do something illegal that can’t possibly be wrong. They are bad examples for people in society. All of these things are setting bad example to the youth of this country. Personally, I think our politicians are the main cause of our problems. They certainly should be our leaders, but most of them are corrupted. It’s in their best interest to keep the masses uneducated to keep its citizens ignorant and prevent them to demand change.

On the other hand, keeping the public dumb would result in people in the lower end dumber because they have no longer voice in politics. However, these politicians try to manage things in a way that allows them to remain on the political scene as long as possible. People in higher position and the extremely wealthy have to much influence because they have many ties.

Political practices of vote buying to the exchange of money of goods for a voter’s support and election fraud are still in existence at every election. The system we have now is basically legalized bribery. I think what this country needs are laws to keep stupid people from voting. The basic concept is that only those people with knowledge should vote seems reasonable.

I just don’t see how people can blindly follow something and choose to stay ignorant without even giving a thought to anything. Not all but most Filipinos are ignorant because they go another way to keep away from from knowledge and understanding. Therefore, many of us do not have the knowledge to know any better. We have become a society of non-thinkers. We succumb to ignorance because it’s easier for us that way.

There are many of us unfortunately are really lazy and content, but not happy with what’s going on in our country. It’s ironic that we don’t do anything about it and we let this happen. There are many people out there who are extremely unhappy with what they see, read and hear. But they do not dare to voice their unhappiness. We do not have enough of a believing that we can change our country. In addition, we choose to stay IGNORANT about the things happening around the  country, and we have become accustomed to it.

More and more children are growing up ignorant of the most basic moral principles because of a failure to teach knowledge at home and in schools. In fact, if these basic moral principles are not taught young, the ignorance of youth will continue from generation to generation. I consider a vast majority of it to be the fault of the parents.

MORAL PRINCIPLE – the principles of right and wrong that are accepted by an individual or a social group. DO GOOD, AVOID EVIL.

PRINCIPLE – a rule or standard especially of good behavior. It allows the person not only to perform good acts, but to give the best of him or her.

It’s very sad to see that our young people suffer from a LACK of BASIC  KNOWLEDGE for a while now, and will continue to suffer from IGNORANCE.  Something BASIC is defined as something that is necessary to know or learn. We have a responsibility to teach our kids for their future security. In addition, the lack of quality in the education system slows the rising tide of ignorance.

LACK OF KNOWLEDGE – means an insufficiency, shortage, or absence of something required or desired. The other meaning would be unintelligent, ignorance, imbecilic, unenlightened, dumb, uneducated and stupid.

KNOWLEDGE contains the keys to all of the locked doors in life. Knowledge is what allows us to advance to a better life, and it’s a crucial step in learning, growing and improving ourselves. Therefore, we don’t continue to make the same mistakes, otherwise, even in the most favorable situation, we cannot really progress. So, if we have the knowledge of things, we do not have to concern ourselves with ignorance. Knowledge is the main force for any change after all, always has been always will be.

NOW is the time for a change, a moral change, a change that really matters to our children and their children. We must, therefore, demand change and change it quickly or we doomed to fail, especially for our IRRESPONSIBLE ACTION and IGNORANCE. I’m not asking you to make changes for me or for our country. I ASK YOU TO DO THIS FOR YOUR FAMILY. You can make the change yourself.

“If we don’t see the Light of Truth then we will live in the darkness of IGNORANCE”.

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