The “Juicy” and Worthy Road Trip

On August 8, 2018, after my youngest daughter’s wedding, me, Mur, my wife, and my three sisters went Casino hopping in Minnesota.

While on the road, we reminisced the good old days when we were growing up. And cranked up old wounds when we had our own respective families.

The gamut of human emotions reeled back at us on our get together marathon. They yo-yoed from cheer, laughter, and joy to woe, gloom, and despair.

We pitched in the positive aura. Malou, the youngest, is the tiny version of Ellen DeGeneres. She had her colorful rendition of clever retorts helped by her facial expressions and gestures.

Ellen, my third younger sister, possess the distressed look of Etang Discher; the disliked mother-in-law of the old Filipino movies of the 70s. Aggrieved and sentimental, she’s gracious – endowed, too, of colorful language that bites.

Connie, my second younger sister, is the neutral one. Always acts as referee, but an intrigue baiter. One must qualify her spiel. She picks and splices her story that provokes anger. Or plant negative vibes which can sulk.

Connie is the luckiest among us. She seldom loses at the Casino and shares her winnings. I wish I had her amulet of luck.

Mur is our synthesizer. She listens to our talks, laughs with us, and censures me. Straight forward. Neither siding with anyone. Her reasons acceptable.

At the Grand Casino in Hinckley, Minnesota, when we had our buffet lunch, Connie popped up a question.

“Eh, who do you think is the most kind among our father’s children in-laws?

Connie’s question started the cranking up of an old wound. Ellen answered Connie’s question based on one of her last talk with my late father.

Ellen mentioned the attributes of our father’s children-in-law. She left our brother-in-law, the husband of my oldest sister for last.

We kept my late father’s description of him because of its impact. He said. “Long dead, but still a jinx”. The “jinx” part referred to my oldest sister. She endured. She accepted her fate. We sympathized with her.

My brother-in-law mastered the art of looking down at people who does not belong to his pseudo world. His pretentious world which came forth his crude manner on people near his orbit – his close relatives. He loves associating himself with people of power and influence, and copycat them, but he’s not good at it. He pissed off everybody without him knowing it because he’s detached on his own folly.

Often, he is our favorite dessert whenever we get together without him.

Our road trip got juicy and worthy.


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