The Impeachment Trial: Clean, not Burn.

I am worried about the tendency of Noynoy’s men to railroad everything as if everything is ok when one raises the banner of anti corruption. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for cleaning our government of corrupt officials, however I hope we do not get too emotional on the issue that instead of cleaning our house, we burn it down. We can not make a mockery of our democratic institutions. Procedures are there for us to carry out reforms without the chaos and the regression towards mob rule.

I am pleading to everyone that we stop being too emotional about the matter because as I see it we are becoming a mob. We all know it, a mob can not think. It starts out with good intentions but in the end it only creates doom. The mob created the Stalinists, the Nazis, the Khamer Rough, the Red Army, all wanted a better country but we know otherwise.

Granted, Gloria and Corona are corrupt but is it right for Delima to disrespect the Supreme Court ? Is it right for Senator Judges to act like prosecutors for everyone including the young children to see? Is it right for a president or a ruling party to pose the threat of impeachment to Justices of the Supreme Court because their decisions to certain issues did not turn out the way they expected it to be? Is it right for leaders of this country to infer that the Supreme Court can not be trusted because most of its members were appointed by an ex president?

I really do not want to believe the buzz that what we have at the helm is a group of people that act like they are in a Supreme Student Council. Truth be told I campaigned, voted and hoped for Noynoy’s victory. Now I have doubts… I think Robredo and the Tourism secretary are doing a great job but Delima..? Wow, she always has a say on news that are trending, beheaded soldiers, hazing death etc., but hardly a factor in preparing a good case to ground GMA. She had to make her own interpretations of an SC ruling to hold Gloria from flying out of the country. The prosecution?.. If they only acted with their mind and not with their emotions and their over eagerness to please the president they would have been able to prosecute Corona in a manner that is a far more efficient than what they are doing now.

The Corona proceedings looks like a circus. The prosecution is a bunch of clowns.They accuse Corona of many things yet they still have to produce more tangible documents than the discrepancy of the SALNs, which in my opinion is a crime committed by most of the players in the proceedings, every one involved in the proceedings should come out with their SALNs and their bank accounts. The administration aligned senators and those who wants to garner votes strut their acts like lions, elephants and seals always eager to please their master and the approval of its audience.

I am afraid that the senate will decide not on the merits of the case but because of public opinion and political alliance. I am hoping for a huge bombshell from the prosecution so that we can have a good reason to finally impeach Corona. If it does not happen and the senate pursues its conviction of Corona then that would be shameful, very shameful for our long history of governance. The impeachment court will be a Kangaroo court and we are no better than the conniving GMA and Corona. It will further cement our propensity for “areglo”, “remedyo”, “ayusin”- “o sige people power na naman”. With Noynoy, we have the choice to finally make things right for the younger generation to launch on, I hope we do not squander it again like what happened in the Cory days.

While we enjoy the Corona Novela, we have to settle with a 3.4% GDP while those of other ASEAN countries are shooting up the roof. Our president is always talking about Corona every time he gets on a podium, he seems so eager to talk about him on every opportunity. Inversely, he is always mum about his plans on the economy and his framework on how to achieve our economic growth. In fact, recently he said he has good news about the economy but will not talk about it yet till later. I wonder if he will be able to muster such restraint if the issue was about Corona?

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  2. Well said JsSanto! Any nation’s leader of today, and even of the future, should be pre-occupied with creating jobs above all things because formal jobs are what people need.

  3. It was very obvious..from the very start, the president showed contempt for Corona, when he refused to be sworn in as President of the Republic by the Chief Justice! With his battlecry “WALANG MAHIRAP PAG WALANG CORRUPT”, he trained his eyes on GMA, THE BIGGEST FISH in the market..As in every battle, preparations have to be made..thus, the start of the ‘fishing expedition’ to nail the ex-president, together with those allied with her. First on the order of battle were the Macapagals and Arroyo’s, most especially those that belonged to GMA’s immediate family. The Aquino allies then pounced on every suspicion of questionable transactions by the first gentleman and their children, as well as relatives with the same family name. It is my suspicion that as early as 2010, Aquino ordered the AMLC (Anti Money Laundering Council) to look into Corona’s accounts, together with about 200 other people, to make it appear that Corona was not the only target. It is very unusual, and frightening too, for this to happen since there is such a thing as ‘BANK SECRECY’ and should therefore, be respected by everyone, WHOEVER YOU MAY BE!! Comes now the Impeachment of CJ Corona.. while it is the Constitution that empowers Congress to impeach impeachable officials in government, it obviously the President’s personal will to see it through.. The 188 Congressmen allied with him were mere ‘RUBBER STAMPS’, acting haphazardly and immediately, without due process of first determining due cause for the impeachment, resulting in the ‘poorly crafted'(as Cong. Farinas himself said) Articles of Impeachment. To make the long story short, the prosecs themselves cancelled the other FIVE(5) articles of impeachment. Whether the reason is flimsy or clumsy, I see nothing positive in it! The fact remains that harm has been done.. Cong. Nail Toofast already called CJ Corona, ‘JUDAS’ in his opening for GMA, ONE PLUNDER CASE DECLARED ‘NOT GUILTY’! This admin also wants to strike out the name of DIOSDADO MACAPAGAL from the ‘renamed’ CLARK AIR BASE!!?? THIS IS NOTHING BUT A PURGE OF THE MACAPAGALS FROM THE FACE OF PHILIPPINE POLITICS! it’s that bad, huh??!!

  4. martin cruz… this IMPEACHMENT TRIAL became PNOY’s personal vendetta… PNOY is singling out CORONA for all the SC’s decision… Yes, giving GMA the TRO(immediately) is a little suspicious… but its the ruling of the court, not just the CJ himself… Don’t get me started with the hacienda luisita issue… 14-0 in favor of the farmers… the president and his family has their interest in the removal of the CJ Corona… I’d call the HACIENDA LUISITA the Aquino and Cojuangco’s source of income… well maybe not their main income comes from it but still… And in my opinion that’s the reason why the PRESIDENT is calling for CORONA’s removal… It’s not because he wants to clean our government of corrupt officials… It’s because it is in THEIR best interest that CJ be removed… Now I ask “Why do we have such a president?”… I hope the Filipino people are not judging this early… let me just state that I am not pro-Corona and yes i don’t like PNOY… never did… never will… I respect our judiciary and it’s rules… and undermining the SC’s ruling for me is intolerable… another thing… Remember when Sen. Santiago asked the prosection panel what were they thinking… The answer is their pork barel… All of their actions including the “questionable document” from PSB are very JUVENILE… And I’m sure that I’m not the only one suspecting the AMLAC for the leakage of such document… of course that’s just a suspicion… Their possession of that document is unlawful… It violates rep. act. 1405… If PNOY wants to remove Corona at least he and his minions(prosecution panel) could have done what is right and get the document in the right way… By the way the prosecution was exposed to gather evidence by means of “fishing expedition”… That’s the prosecution team paid by our PRESIDENT using the government’s money to prosecute Corona… Leave it as it may… The trial will proceed on March 12… It’s the Defense turn to present witness, testimonies and documents… And unlike the prosecution the Defense led by no other than former Justice Cuevas will be ready…(At least that’s what I expect…)

  5. That’s true, our president had become so hooked on the issue about corona that he had made it his personal fight. i wonder what Philippines would we have right then if he focuses on our economic issues instead – perhaps a little bit of a better Philippines! Come’on dude, go back to real business…

    • Of course it is a very personal fight against graft and corruption by the president. Graft and corruption is an essential factor of our economy. It greatly contributes to the the downfall of our economic policies.

  6. i am happy,to my own opinion that there still aperson like corona,that is willing to fight,4 the right,and always in a good mind,by her self..coz our pres,nw is somethings like nothing todo..ang alam lng gawin ay mg pa empeach,which is no good for our country and for poor people and tulad kahapon d maganda my mababastos tlaga,dahil yon ang choice nila..kasalanan nila kng bkit sila nababastos..bilib ako ky sen,miriam santiago,matapang talaga tumuligsa..go,cj,corona do everything para sa pakikipag laban na tama lamang para sa mamamayan ang hindi nakakaintindi hayaan nalang,,

    • pero hindi nyo ba napapansin , na sa tuwing si sen.miriam santiago ang magcocomment at magsasalita, sya ang unang nanghihiya at naninigaw, kahit sa senate o anumang okasyon, laging napakalaking isyu at kahihiyan sa kanyang mapagbubuntunan ng comments, madalas ay wala din sa lugar, kahit matalino ang tao, hindi lahat ng kanyang opinyon ay pwedeng sang-ayunan, nagpapa-star sya lagi sa mga events

      • well maybe its sen. Miriam’s nature… she’s always superior than the others… maybe that’s what she’s thinking… i also noticed that she respects only brilliant minds i.e. (Enrile and the other senators, Cuevas, and those who are brilliant in their own field) but she doesn’t respect her enemies even if they’re top caliber like FVR… that’s my own observation i guess… and i agree that sometimes “wla sa lugar” haha… i smiled reading that part…

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