The Hows We Have

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The Hows of Us

There is no guarantee that love will last forever. Yet we still choose to love someone because admit it or not, being in love makes us feel important and valued. But what are the things we are willing to do in the name of love?

Should we continue to love someone even if that person does not value us? Should we stay in a relationship wherein there is only one fighting because the other one is losing? When will we know how to stop loving someone? Is it when the only feeling that stays in us is pain or when we know that we are not good for that person or that person is no good for us?

Loving someone is a journey. The beginning is wonderful but along the way might be full of struggles. Staying is a choice. Ending it would be a hard decision to make. It is not easy. But it might be worth trying to save us.

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The Beginning

This is the stage where we are making so many promises. We always see happiness in each day that we are together. We don’t care what our future brings. Although we always make plans together, we never think that achieving those might break what we have already built.

We always miss each other …everyday. It seems that our days would not be complete without spending time in each other’s arms. We are so much in love that we only see the brightness of forever without thinking that before reaching it there is a dark tunnel we need to pass through.

We paint the town red. Intense love has been felt. But as the rain falls, the paint slowly peels off. There is no red at all. Dark blue sky starts to rise.

The Struggles

We start to lose ourselves. We now have misplaced priorities. The laughters we have shared once are already replaced by silent crying. The sweet words are not there anymore. What we are hearing are words of insecurities and self doubt.

Understanding our own dillemmas is very hard. We start not to care because we are too busy fixing our own pain. With brokenness, our love starts to break into pieces.

We try to save it but we fail.

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The Ending

There it goes. After building our relationship through the years, we come to the conclusion that the foundation of our love is not strong enough to keep us together. We don’t want to be kept anymore. We want freedom. So we free ourselves from each other’s arms. We fly. Far away.

We see how we have grown away from each other. We heal our pain. We face the truth that maybe what we need is time. Time. Self love.

So we choose to end so that we may begin again.

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