The house of dentures

photo by Vernon Velasco

I sleep right next to a pile among many other piles of dentures in my father’s home laboratory, where he used to sit at work.

The dental business didn’t take off and the lab has since become my den where I work on most of my assignments alone at night into the wee hours of the morning.

I didn’t mind, really. Not a big deal. And it took some time before it finally occurred to me a room full of dentures is equivalent to a house full of dolls.

And it occurred to me as well that a smile is a sight to behold, as long as the complete set of teeth is attached to the head (which is probably why they hire twink stars and not mere talking dentures in Close Up “tooth”paste commercials). But remove the teeth per se and have it on display where you can’t resist looking at it at 3 am?

No. It isn’t funny.

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