The Heavenly Sunset Vibe in Marimegmeg Beach, El Nido

The beautiful sunset at Marimegmeg

Coming from a roughly 5-hour journey from Puerto Princesa in a cramped van was a dreadful experience and took most of my wits. The never-ending curved and bumpy roads were prolonging the agony of my excitement to see and to feel a spur of bliss.  Then again, it is not a paradise if it is easily reached by many.

I was with a friend, who dozed off the entire ordeal of mine. Towards the remaining minutes of the trip, the middle-of-the-day heat from the window and the ragged roads were testing my remaining patience away. It was the sudden view of the seascapes and limestone mountains from the window that slowly eased my agony.

The surreal view of Bacuit Bay from the road going to El Nido Bus Terminal.

We arrived in Corong-Corong where the Public Terminal is located, and after having a quick lunch, we swiftly flagged a tricycle going to our accommodation in El Nido Town proper. With barely nothing to do and our other friends who were still in Manila waiting for their flight to Puerto Princesa, we proceeded right away to Marimegmeg Beach to laze our agitated spirits.

El Nido Town
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A quick glance from El Nido Port

The view from atop the hill was pumping up our excitement; we dashed in a roughly 5-minute up-and-down trail before the unbelievable majestic view from the beach welcomed us! We both frantically agreed that this was more than the bliss we hoped for. It was the perfect chill spot we could more than ever imagine to lounge before the the sun begin to set.

Pure rubbish! 

In just a short while, the sun was already eating up all the shade and couldn’t make us anymore comfortable. We walked further away to the nearest tiny island where a zipline tugging it. The sight wasn’t getting better; the shore was patched with humongous lifeless jellyfishes which terrified me to take a dip. It didn’t help that the shallow shore was filled with fist-sized stones.

It wasn’t until I had a glance on the left side of the beach, the iconic towering limestone islands knocked me off my feet. I stared for a while appreciating the beautiful formations of these natural wonders of what El Nido is famous for.

Just at the corner of the stretch of the beach, there’s a restaurant that has wooden lounge chairs facing the gorgeous sights of towering limestones. It was the most perfect place for me to unwind while amusing myself with the breathtaking view of Bacuit Bay.

We wanted to stay longer until sunset, but the sun was about to set and the restaurant was getting filled with guests. With little money to spare, we walked back from where we initially lazed and found an empty spot on a powdery white sand while having a coconut juice and a bottle of beer.

Minutes before the sun disappear, the clear blue sky quickly turned into a vibrant sea  of flaming colors. Everyone on the beach was glued to their place watching the sun go down to its ideal place.

I chased where the sun hid and just as if at the rainbow’s end, I found my eyes shimmering on this silhouettes of natural treasures. This is the kind of place I would not mind ending my day over and over again. Truly a paradise not visited by many, but utterly cherished by few ones.

How to get there

Flag a tricycle that would take you to Marimegmeg Beach. The price is always standard, both for local and foreign tourists.

From El Nido Town: 150 Pesos (3.30USD) one-way, 10-15 minutes away
From Corong-Corong: 50 Pesos (1.10USD) one-way, 5-8 minutes away

You wouldn’t have a hard time going back to your point of origin even after sunset as there are a lot of tricycles waiting at the drop-off point of the beach.

There is no entrance fee on the beach; you can bring food and set-up a picnic. If you plan to buy refreshments and food on the establishments, be prepared to shell out 150-400 (3.30-8.80USD) Pesos as they are quite pricey, like most establishments in El Nido.

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