The greatest novel ever written in the history of the Filipino People.

From EDSA Revolution to Mendiola Massacere, this is a rumination on how the Philippines become slave under the grim cold shadow of poverty. The story is a reflection of life of every Filipino struggling to survive injustice and corruptions in an imbalanced society. The life of Santiago Vargas is a microcosm of the whole Filipino people. He failed fighting the system under powerful and corrupt leaders but he stood up and found another way of defeating tyranny and poverty. This is a novel with unique style, a combination of classical and modern approach that you can touch, hear and feel every events. A must read for every Filipino. Full of lessons and ideas on how to survive the never ending obstacle called life. 

Excerpts: “I would continue to fight using books instead of guns,”

“A poor man’s life is much more colourful, do you believe that?”

“ Everyday they struggle with poverty which you won’t understand if you haven’t experienced it. And in the end you can say what a colorful life I had. It’s the same way with teaching you’re helping them to succeed by feeding their mind. It’s as if they’re climbing a high wall and you’re the one who gave them the ladder. It’s like they are crossing a river and you gave them a bridge. Isn’t that a great feeling”

Two weeks passed, one joyful afternoon when the sun is setting in the far west. Manila Bay is peaceful and the wind is just enough to blow the leaves from the country almond tree to the sea. The tranquil sea reflects the red rays of the setting sun. There are lovers strolling, watching the sun set from afar. There are pigeons nibbling leftover breadcrumbs at the Manila Hotel parking lot when they were startled by four gunshots. The wind blew the sound of the gunshots and the smoke to the open sea. Four hot and smoking bullet cartridges fell off the ground. The pigeons flew in circles above the Luneta grounds. Two men had fell face down to the paved concrete of the Manila Hotel parking lot. Two gunshot wounds each in the head. The two men riding a motorcycle made sure they were dead.  The men riding the motorcycle quickly escaped.  The annual reunion of the Cavaliers, PMA graduates, at the Manila Hotel was suspended and they offered prayers and respect instead, to their murdered colleagues….

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Lamentations In A Dream