The Gangnam Ride


Who can resist this song that is setting the world in a blaze with its fiery horse hopping steps?

Yes, it’s that fat Korean guy dancing crazy with all the hot sexy ladies. It’s certainly catchy and funny. Now this entertaining ‘Gangnam Style’ is trending. K-Pop has hit it big time with PSY and his mad video. It’s way bigger than the Wonder Girls’ Nobody. This viral video has swoop down 159 million viewers in YouTube alone. YouTube parodies of the Gangnam video numbers a thousand already and still counting. There’s even a couple in LA who had their wedding theme and video, Gangnam Style. I guess ‘Call me maybe’ is yesterday’s sensation with this Gangnam phenomenon.  And those humorous cowboy steps beats the swag out of ‘Teach me how to dougie’. It seems everybody’s gone Gangnam.

But what is Oppa Gangnam anyway? Gangnam is a district in South Korea. PSY, the artist behind the song compares it to Beverly Hills. This is where all rich and famous folks live. If you’re in this neighborhood, you’re definitely in vogue. Oppa or Obba means an older brother to a younger sister in Korean. Putting it together with the music video, it seems PSY is hitting on younger women coz he’s posing that he’s from Gangnam. Does that make any sense?

Yes, there’s more to the viral dance craze than senseless humor. PSY is actually making fun of these wealthy bastards in Gangnam or perhaps any high & mighty socialites anywhere. These also include the posers who try or dream so hard to be one of them. In our consumerist society, we are driven for material glory. The video is a reflection of that social paradigm and lifestyle, particularly the kids nowadays. Sadly, social acceptance is based on status and wealth. But what is acceptable to you? Is PSY making fun of your life as well? Do you fuck around people just because you think you’re superior?

So next time you dance around to that imaginary horse of PSY, ride it like you mean it. Make fun of these philistines! Be proud that you are not living a lie. But if you are one of these Gangnam people, continue to dance to the hype and make a goof of yourself.

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