The Chagrin of the MMDA Officer, and the Furious Motorist

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Quite familiar about this guy Robert Blair Carabuena ?  I bet you do. He graduated from Ateneo De Manila University with degree in Psychology.  But watching the video (exclusively caught by chance of TV5 network  baffled me for I didn’t see any distinctions of his acquired degree, I only saw a psycho with no logy.

The incident started when Saturnino Fabros (a traffic enforcer) called Carabuena’s attention for a wrong turn at the corner of Capitol Hills Drive and Tandang Sora. Bordering on, Fabros tapped the windshield. But bursting with outrage,  Carabuena went out from his Volvo in abrupt grabbed the officer’s hat,  pointed his finger and snaffled Fabros’ neckline rambling “lalaban ka? Lalaban  ka huh?!!!”

To gratify his satisfaction he even spanked the officer.  I was stormed how the officer was statue and just didn’t react at all, poor officer. Carabuena’s brother was there in addition, two hogs against the dog?  Watta battle.

The video went viral banqueting social media like a wildfire. Anyone who would watch the video perhaps would be provoked and like “put_ng in_ng baboy na yan”.  I have no idea what drove him to go ballistics and maul the poor officer. After watching the video there is none that would make anyone support the side of Carabuena, neither of us.

The multinational tobacco company Philip Morris confirmed,  that Robert Blair Carabuena is a bona fide employee of the said company and is the present executive officer in Human resource department. Cool! This guy earns thousands of money than the traffic officer who earns 400 peso a day. This arrogant is probably merits high compensation in his company but it doesn’t give him the privilege to belittle anyone on the street.

Traffic enforcers are doing their best to perform their duties, bearing the hot weather, torrential rain and smokes regardless of the risks they are facing on the streets every day. Who the hell doesn’t know this?  Yes. We may I have dozens against the government but it doesn’t warrant us to treat our traffic authorities like bare knuckles.  Have some respect  but too bad Carabuena doesn’t know its meaning. I suggest he should go back to school and learn values 101. If he got no one to blurt out his tantrums or exhaustions he should have bumped his head against the wall and not the poor officer.

Meanwhile, on a TV interview “Para akong mapapaiyak nun pero pinigilan ko lang. Napahiya po ako (I was on verge to cry but I held back. I was humiliated),” Fabros said.

Does the officer can  file charges?
Absolutely yes. Under the Revised Penal Code, direct assault can be filed against any person who shall attack, employ force, or seriously intimidate any person in authority while in the performance of official duties. It is punishable by a prison term of six months to six years.

Mr. Francis Tolentiano a Chairman of Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) defended the officer “We cannot allow this aggression and shameless attack against our men who are only doing their job as best as they can” he stated.

MMDA Legal and Legislative Affairs staff has confirmed that a case is being drafted against Carabuena and will be filed at the Quezon City Regional Trial Court on Wednesday (August 16 2012). Now this one is the big fight!

On the contrary,  Robert Blair Carabuena got no balls to fight his bashers in social networking sites, resorted in deactivating his facebook and twitter accounts.

Hmmn.. He bullied the poor traffic enforcer but in social media he is no match.

Y U NO balls huh?

Millions of netizens were infuriated by his actions. I read the bashers outrage on facebook and twitter and I tell you if words could kill then Carabuena died 500 times.

On the outers view to make this article fair,  TV reporters asked Carabuena for an interview but he refused to do so. Maybe he is a good friend (I hope so), son and an officemate whatevuh, I just wish he should surface for a public apology and rationalize his side. If he does, well it will change nothing I guess, coz I’m angry at him still.

This incident is not new for me. If you can still remember the traffic enforcer who was shot and the other one was intentionally bumped by some motorists whom I classify with psychopathic disorders.  One of the reasons of Philippines slack forward is because of these assholes who think highly themselves. (Such a wang-wang culture)

I appeal to Philip Morris Philippines.  Mr. Carabuena is a total disgrace to your company’s name. I presume that you have a clause in your company’s codes of conduct regarding this issue. Thus, subject this retard to a disciplinary action or better dismissed him. His residence in your premise will make your employees suffer thru his arrogance.

To other companies and government agencies, have this fat guy blacklisted. Oww! That’s too harsh, let me add lol at the end.

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