The cause of Mindanao peace instability: Self determination


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All the presidentiables and the second seat are saying poverty as the root cause of the peace instability in Mindanao. They have never live in Mindanao particularly in ARMM. Where are they coming from?

Cayetano stated in the vice presidentiables debate, “the problem in Mindanao is poverty and historical injustice.”

In addition, Honasan said, “the root causes are social injustice, hunger, ignorance and poverty.”

And all the vice presidentiables have stated that the main cause of Mindano peace instability is poverty. Albeit, they have different solution to peace and order in Mindanao. A vague solution and never concrete.

I, a pure Moro would have the audacity to claim that it isn’t poverty as the root cause of the Mindano conflict. It may trace from history.

Did the presidentiables and the vice presidentiables forget history, particularly history of MinSuPala (Mindanao, Sulu and Palawan). It seems that they did not pay attention when the Mindanao conflict is discussed.

And applying it to today, the similitude is clear, they don’t pay attention to the Moro claims, our just claims.

If poverty is the real cause then why Manila doesn’t have revolutionary group? Well infact Manila is an urban poor. Poorer than people in Mindanao. Moros are not informal settlers but the suburb city in Luzon have many of these.

In ARMM, agricultural subsidy is necessary, but we can live without it. Several decades we don’t receive any proper support and help in local and national government. But we still live. We are still living happy. We can eat three times a day.

Presumably, If poverty is the cause then what the government is doing. Do Moro receive subsidy just to aide the root cause (poverty as the majority claims)?

The really cause of Mindanao peace instability particularly in ARMM is the Moro struggle to self determination. It will only be solved if the government grant our right and just claim. And whatever solution not related to our claim will only complicate the problem. The wounds in the hands will not be healed if you apply the treatment to the feet.

And this self determination is loaded with complex system that the government would difficult to understand or would never understand. Our great resistance to foreign culture– against in Islam ideology. We have never colonize by the Spaniards nor do the Americans and the Japanese. Islam survives in ARMM, albeit all the colonizer that passed.

This self determination is loaded with the practice of religion. We can never fully practice Islam if we are still under the constitution. It is true that we have autonomy in ARMM and we have Sharia law. But it’s fake. The current Sharia law now in Mindanao is not the original law from Islam that is using in the middle east country. The Sharia law will never be constitutional in the name of western law. In that, anything law that should be made crafted and written utmostly like the Bangsamoro Basic Law for the holistic development of Moros will be seen unconstitutional.

Presidentiables are also against BBL. Grace Poe, the independent candidate leading the field in the most recent national poll, opposed the BBL in the past, claiming it would create a separate country within the Philippines.

Jejomar Binay of the UNA party, also a strong performer in recent polls, has said that he does “not necessarily” support the BBL and believes some provisions of the bill are unconstitutional. Even Aquino’s successor in the Liberal party, Mar Roxas, has been noticeably tepid regarding the BBL; declining to answer questions about his support for the law in a recent interview.

That leads me to say, there’s no way the government would grant liberation to the land. And what’s left is?


  1. The cause then according to you is self serving. You do not want to work with the rest of the country. Giving you a third of the country will never be a viable solution.
    Should we have self determination for Ilocanos? Should we have self determination for Bicolanos?
    Poverty is not solved in national level but individual, we have seen Moros and Aetas and Farmers improve their economic situation with whatever tools available for them right now.
    Having self determination will not solve your problems.
    I used to live in a house with soil for a floor that turns into mud when it rains.
    We are a long way from that now, we did not ask government for a single peso, my parents sweat it out, I burned some eyebrows. That’show you emancipate yourself.

    • You are very “tumpak” that poverty is solved individually,that’s what I’m saying. But I’m talking about peace instability, how do we solve it? what are the root cause of peace instability?

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