The brave heroes’ fall – Tribute to the #FALLEN44

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Photo credit : google
Photo credit : google

So calm is the night, the stars are so bright.
The cascading wind plummeted the chill.
Its blow brought a plight so sensible it seems.
Nothing of despair, as bliss was breathed upon.
It is hope, the lambent lights warmth shows.
So serene, calm were the trees swaying its branches, rocking the twigs to let the leaves fall to ground.
Silence is madness, the nature is sleeping stir.
No noise to irate and battered the ears.
No images for the critical eyes to glare.
No stinks harboring sensitive smells.
The sky too dark and wide, hanging Orion on the side.
At distance, fireflies dance to their rhythmic desires,
like glowing gems in the moonlight, Oh divine.
Breathe slowly, let no one will hear.
Even the cricket echoes, be spare.
Breathe slowly, only own heartbeats were heard.
As the owl sings start of his night affair.
Breathe slowly, even your own cannot hear, as relief is Providence.
In your mind, amazingness is filled.
In your heart nothing to fear,
as burden ease and a smile is gain.
So calm is the night and the moon is so bright.
The shadows fall and the silhouette fades.
Come now an hour, blasting shrapnel
plummeting the chill.
An anathema of canons blown nearby.
None but despair, as pain was breathed upon.
It is death, the din of light paraded.
Disturbed, the trees sway but once and
fall to ground not a leaf and broken twigs to spare.
Madness is no silence, the nature witnessed and bear.
Angry crowds gone nowhere to be found.
Loud noises to irate and battered the ears.
Scarlet traces for the eyes to tear.
Foul odours of blood filth the air.
The smoke too dark and wide,
covering the skies and Orion from sight.
At distance, no frolicking fireflies,
but the clattering din of light to satisfy greed and desires.
Illuminating fury in the moonlight, comminate!
Breathe slowly, nothing you hear.
Even as the mother sings her lullabies.
Breathe slowly, only your heartbeat be heard.
The songs of weeping children, none of them were heard.
Breathe slowly, like you cannot hear even yourself.
Even your own wailings and crying in pain,feel nothing of it now, sleep now.
For your soul be rested, cradled in golden casket.
Brave memories remain and unforgotten.
Breathe no more, Oh, dying heroes’ soul!
So calm is the night after the heroes’ fall.
The stars are sparkling bright,
no one bothers to see it all.
Under this moonlight,
the shadows of the brave heroes’ fall.

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