The Borawan Experience


Beautiful sunset at Borawan Island

It was Labor Day and people were torn between the options of either going to the beach or watch Manny Pacquiao’s fight with Floyd Mayweather, Jr. Our team chose to ditch Pacman’s fight to leave Manila for a summer outing with our colleagues.

Located in Tayabas Bay is the Borawan Island, a combination of Boracay Island and Palawan Province (or so they say).

We left Manila around 2:30AM and arrived at the boat port at Padre Burgos in Quezon Province at exactly 8AM. Thank God for the safe early morning ride. At the port, tourism officers welcomed us and gave us advice before heading to the beach. We met with Kuya Efren, the boat man we hired to take us to Borawan.



Port going to Borawan Island lcoated in Bgy. Campo, Padre Burgos, Quezon

It’s just a short boat trip from the port to Borawan Island which will last for about 15 -20 minutes. At the island, you will notice large rock formations and almost white sand beach, it’s not really fine though. Borawan Island, however has an entrance fee of P220 each for overnight stay, kids may avail the discounted price of P180. The staff assisted us to our cottage which we rented for P1,250, good for 24 hours. We were lucky to have a reserved cottage since it is peak season and cottages are very limited. Some local tourists did not have any choice but to make an improvised shed where they could stay and relax.





Borawan Island camping and activities area


Bonding with our colleagues

After we settled our things, we took some photos of the beach and saw a big net which we later found out that it was placed there to protect tourists from the threat of being bitten by jellyfish. Nonetheless, the ambience allowed us to relax and unwind.



Rock formations in Borawan


And, of course, we did a little swimming! Be warned, though. There may be a net to protect tourists from the jellyfish, but there are planktons! They are those little sea creatures that sting you while you’re swimming (think Plankton from Spongebob). However, you can still swim there if you don’t mind feeling itchy from time to time. It’s not really bothersome and harmful so we still swam and enjoyed our stay!



Swimming area – there are lots of jellyfish beyond the net so beware!

In the surrounding area, there are other beaches where tourists may visit – Kwebang Lampas and Dampalitan Island. To get there, we rented a boat and had an island hopping. We first visited the Puting Buhangin Beach where we saw the Kwebang Lampas, some tourists are cracking jokes that the cave should be called Kwebang Bato instead (you better visit the cave for you to find out why). Flocks of local tourists were in the place but we still had the chance to enjoy our trip. Upon our arrival, staff in the island informed us about the entrance fee of P80 each. We stayed in the said beach for about an hour.


Boat ride going to Kwebang Lampas


Kwebang Lampas


Puting Buhangin

Light rain suddenly poured out while we’re on our way to Dampalitan Island. We opted not to land on the soil of Dampalitan since an entrance fee of P75 each is required from each visitor. Nonetheless, we just passed by the area and saw how beautiful the island is. Just to give you a word of caution, Dampalitan Island does not have net to protect tourists from the jellyfish, so swim at your own risk.





Dampalitan Island

As we went back to Borawan, we swam (again!). There are things you need to know about Borawan Island:

  • Don’t expect for a crystal clear water.
  • There’s no available room or bed to sleep in. You can rent cottages and/or tents, though.
  • Prepare to bring your own food if you want to eat a decent meal. If not, you can still buy in the store in the island but the choices are limited.
  • The island has shower, dressing and comfort rooms for its guests. Nonetheless, prepare to stand in line during peak hours.
  • Electricity can only be used from 6PM – 12MN. Thank God we’re prepared and brought with us our power banks and flashlights.


Boodle Fight for dinner, Yum!


Camp out!

As for the safety, the island has tourism officers, staff and even security guards. But just to make sure, please bring with you your valuable things wherever you go. There is also a small sari-sari store in the island where you can buy necessities such as canned goods, soaps, shampoos, and the likes. Tents can also be rented for P500, good for 24 hours. If you have tents with you, you still ought to pay for the tent space which will cost you either P200 or P250 depending on the tent size. Bonfire is being prohibited in the island while climbing the rock formation is allowed at your own risk.




Rates of different services and activities in the island

If you like to go to Borawan, you may contact Kuya Efren at 09482721649. He regularly provides boat transfer for most of the guests in Borawan. We were 9 in the team with 1 kid and we only paid him P1,800 for boat transfers and island hopping trip. It’s all worth it, I must say.

Aside from the privilege of posting our photos with hashtags #LaBorawan and #LaBorawan2015, our short vacation at Borawan is such a wonderful experience. We experienced the basics yet we enjoyed living with the nature. For more details on how you may have your dream vacation at Borawan, you may contact Cherry, staff at Borawan at 09223007395.

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