The Bond

memories“Find someone who can make you happy not made you mad all the day in the rest of century. Don’t marry a rich man, marry a good man. For he will spend his life trying to keep you happy and no rich man can buy that because even he, himself don’t own happiness at all.”

Upon reading this message from a late brother’s friend, I simply smile for no reason, maybe because of the word in the paragraph itself. .My name is Ericka, He is Nathaniel Enrico. He is a fine grown up man as everybody said; he had money, looks, and even a name, definitely he is a filthy untouchable figure in this earth, the son of my family’s best enemy but the best thing in him was he had his own unique intellectual manner that everyone must love to have, sense of humor. But they (both family) never know, about us.

I’m just a girl wants to be a grown up woman, who walks by faith and believe on fairy tales story, but this is not a fairy tales to be narrated, this is my story!!
It started with a common friend, both side know the real score between our families. But he don’t care about it, and  I never had a time in the affiliation of the family business . I have one older brother, who used to be my number one fan and friend. Nathaniel and my brother was a friend despite of everything. I was wondering why they stay connected and enjoying the company of each other even dad and his dad forbid them to be together. When I asked him, I just got a smile in his face and a kissed in my forehead and ruin my hairdo. He simply treated me as a kid as always, despite the fact that I am already twenty four years old on that time.

“Do whatever you want to do but do precaution as well; don’t let your guard down… If you think that you do a right thing and you are happy, go for it. The best protection you can wear to an enemy is to stay close with them, and you will discover that not all family’s enemy are damn , they got their reason for that certain hatred and believe me, you will be amazed when friendship will developed, look at Nathan and me, We are friend ,, no matter what it takes, Don’t be a damn judge to every individual my dear. Don’t listen to any critics, you have me sweetie, you can tell whatever you want to discuss with… I love you little kid so don’t you dare to act as a pathetic ass, Okay?”

This word from my beloved brother always cling to my ears. He is the best brother and the best person I had. I never considered myself as a lucky one for having a parent like mine but I’m lucky enough to have a brother like him.
But things went wrong and changed when I lost my number one fan. I never forgot that day. It was the third time when my brother brought me in that fast-food with Nathan. I was the one who took the order on that day! I heard the sound of a gun. People are screaming, I shout but it seems no one heard! Until I realized, my brother, yes, he was! He was hit by a gun, fired from Nathaniel’s family. Hatred started to develop when I discover the truth. It happens that I and Nathaniel were there, he just got injured but my brother was dead on arrival in the hospital. While me, was just a meters away from them. Since the funeral I never saw and heard about Nathaniel whereabouts.

“Hey little duffer are you still there?” It was the voice I never heard for a long time.

It was Nathaniel itself. And for the little conversation, I just discover he just arrived from abroad. I was so excited and yet so nervous and at the same time hatred arose in my heart. But I decided to meet him.
I was so excited then, so I found myself in front of the mirror wearing a long gown showing my long legged legs and with a v neck collar on it. I smile without hesitation….
There he is!!!!!!! He is staring at me! I can feel my heartbeats pumping so fast…. Nathaniel was smiling, the coolest smile I never seen for a long time. And for no hesitation I smiled back to him. It was confirmed to myself that I really like this man, oh wait not just a simple like….. Precisely I love this man who smiles in front of me.

“You never change at all; your beauty stunned me always.”  I just smile and walk slowly . My God,! Even his voice was so calm. That was the first time we meet alone and talk everything. On that day I figure out everything,,,, and I just learned that his family sent him abroad for business after the injury he got on that accident. We started again… we have secret meetings, dating each other after my work. We officially become lovers.
Nathaniel was so cool, now I understand why my brother like him too much despite of family’s rival. I just discovered everything, with him you can feel the freedom you wish to be, you can laugh the way you want. Laugh out loud as they say… And I don’t have to worry about any bad impression I get. He gives me meaningful advice when I’ve encountering uncertainties about my career. He appreciates beauty as something that isn’t perfect. He makes me realize how important I am when I feel useless. And it changes everything in my life… The hatred I felt was vanished and my heart full with love.
But the bond of the family will always be thicker than any bond. Like the movie, family interfere our business… our love affair business. It was too late to realize, Nathaniel was leaving again…. now that I am six months pregnant with Nathaniel son…. I was so exhausted and so upset … Hatred, Anger and seeking for vengeance was arose on my system….. I’ve got so many questions that only he could possibly answer.
Looking for the answer of my problem, I found myself in my closet, Suddenly I accidentally hit something. It was our picture and what amazed me is his smile. An everlasting and stunning smile…. I caught myself out guarded while reading the card sent from him. What amazed me more was there is one envelope stamps abroad that never open.

My eyes open wide when I saw the date. It was few months ago, the day Nathaniel was out of sight.
Tears in my eyes starting fallen down as I read the message on it….

My dearest Ericka,

First, sorry is not enough to be said unto you. I know, it sucks when you know that my family sent me abroad again. I don’t have even time to see you. You’re the most wonderful person I had and a precious gift I received from God. I know when you read this; I am nowhere to be found anymore. But my love will always continue as what I been promise to you. I may not see our baby but in my heart I always felt him. The memory we had will always be remembered.

Second, sorry again… I can’t do anything… Do you remember that day, when I got injured and it caused the death of your brother?? I didn’t even able to attend the funeral because I was sent abroad for my injury too. I got an operation…. After a year of observation it develops and turns into cancer. I survived and prefer to wait my destiny in our place.
I thank God for having time with you… I never regret every single time when I’m with you….. Take care of our baby…… I’m sorry I can’t able to walk with you in aisle. I set you free……How I wish I can stay forever with you…. Again I am sorry, always remember this ….. Find someone who can make you happy not made you mad all the day in the rest of century. Don’t marry a rich man, marry a good man, for he will spend his life trying to keep you happy and no rich man can buy that because even he, himself don’t own happiness at all.
Forgive me… And my family too…We can’t do anything to our family issue.. I will always love you ….

Always and forever,

In life We struggle for survival….. Happiness will vary on every individual not on his wealth.. Money is just a number to be considered to those individual that needs temporary happiness… Happiness persuaded by money cost nothing but a temporary one and never last long….


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