The Best Man

The BrideThis is the day that she’s been waiting for. Flowers, happy faces and her white dress. When she arrived, everybody is kissing her; wishing her a fruitful forever. She’s almost in tears when her best friend said its enough because she’s ruining her make up. They both laughed and again or should I say as always, her laughter filled my heart. I shook my head while smiling. This girl never failed to impress me.

She’s so beautiful. Even if her white veil is covering her face, I could still appreciate her beauty. I can’t stop staring at her. She’s the only person that made me believe that God exist because only God can create such beauty. Yes, I fell in love the first time I saw her. And until now, the feeling is still the same.

I started to walk towards the altar. After us are her closest and trusted friends. I can feel the happiness in the air. I can smell the sweetness of the flowers everywhere. Everybody is smiling as they walk in the aisle. I tapped the man beside me. My best friend since I was 7. He looked at me and tapped my hand back. he was also smiling nervously.

Finally, its her turn to walk. Slowly, she reached her father’s hand. She’s smiling and crying at the same time. Tears of joy perhaps? I looked at her face and again, her beauty amazed me. Her opium smile makes my heart jump faster than usual. As she walks, her wedding song is playing. She closed her eyes as she hears the chorus, then I noticed tears are flowing down her cheeks. God, she’s so beautiful. How can You create such beauty in front of me? Even the tears didn’t make her less beautiful.

And as they finally reached the altar, she gave her father a kiss. She smiled and looked at me then she held my best friend’s arms.

Yes, I am not the groom. Unfortunately luck wasn’t on my side the day I met her. She was my best friend’s date five years ago. And like me, he fell in love with her so easily. I didn’t say anything about my feelings for her. I guess its best this way. I don’t wanna ruin anything especially their happiness.

As they say their vows, I know it’s really over. I would still love her but its better not to show it. I am happy for them really and I guess, I need to move on from here.

So I’m just here, covering my wound with a smile, hiding my sorrows with laughter and pretending that I am perfectly fine.

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