The BEST is yet to come

A few more moons and it would be D-Day!

No, not the WWII D-Day, but the DAY the Filipino People DECIDES! The day the country chooses the next leadership.

But I have long decided who my leaders would be. It didn’t take me long to choose but that does not imply that it was a hurried or forced decision.  It’s just that the nature of my work made it easier and simpler for me to decide and nothing could make me change my mind now.

Come 9th of May, together with millions of other Filipinos, I am going to exercise my right to vote and fulfill my responsibility as a citizen.

The country will be electing the next president who shall manage the whole archipelagic domain over the next 6 years. And holding the highest office of the land and governing more than 100 million people is no joke and quite a gargantuan responsibility.


So, for someone to take on that challenge, he for me should be equipped with enough and appropriate experience, must be in a strong state of health and has the moral ascendancy to govern. Of equal importance, he too must primarily have an absolute and strong personal conviction that he can do the job, personally willed it beforehand and has thoroughly discerned the immensity of the burden that he may be carrying on his shoulder all throughout his term or even after.

The Philippine president is not just the head of government but he is also the head of state. And by that power, he also represents the country in international affairs. He, therefore, must also possess a character defined by diplomacy and decorum.

But while we expect so much of the next elected president, we also have to bear in mind and to not forget that we too play an equally important role in nation building. Whoever he may be, the next president is no super hero nor is he a miracle worker. He is also human and mortal with limitations and weaknesses. The task he will be facing is enormous and the challenges immense that he definitely could not do it all by himself. He would need us. ALL OF US. And we should all be active partners.

So come election day, I hope that by then, we all would have come up with a sound decision. A decision attained through personal discernment guided by the truth and reasonable critical thinking. A decision to choose a leader whom we truly believe could lead us towards the peace we long dreamed to achieve and the prosperity we all aspired for.

Because the best is yet to come.


And as I have stated earlier, I have long decided and have already declared who my leaders would be.




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