The Beggar’s Dream Masquerade Ball

“Deep within a stranger’s heart, you’ll see an extraordinary world of hope and dreams.”

Darkness crawled upon the midst of the night as this street turned into an abandoned haunted place. The light from the lamp post brought life to this dirty unsafe territory where shadows and undistinguished sounds live; unknown to the civilized world. Facing me is a dark alley, wet and unhygienic, full of rubbish and rotten waste; garbage for civilised people but God-send for the shadows creeping behind the darkness; like me hiding like a predator; watching and observing. I can hear hollow sounds like that of a moan, spooky and unearthly as the winter wind went through the empty corners of this haunted environment. Pieces of shattered glasses and damaged bricks laid across this moist and cold ground as tiny footsteps and squeaky sounds started to disturb the silence of this wilderness. There is hardly any light from the sky. The moon did not appear and gave light nor did the stars twinkle to brighten up my night. I can hear the water running down the pipe. I can count the water droplets from the leaks. I can hear the howling sound of the wind and the purring of a stray little cat; it’s like a rhythm, a music that appeared very distinctive to my senses. It’s like a lullaby which puts me to sleep no matter how tired I am. A sound that makes me feel safe regardless of my situation.

I tucked myself inside my thick brown coat as I ate my luscious dinner, a burger which I stole from a boy in the busy streets this afternoon. This is the best food I’ve eaten in my life. Even just the smell of it makes my mouth water and wants to eat it all in one bite. The sweet sauce they call ketchup tastes really wonderful and the meat; this juicy mouth-watering piece of glorious meat going down my throat makes me feel like I’m in heaven. Like I’m flying with wings, as the angels sing a wonderful song of praise. I closed my eyes as I ate it bit by bit and imagined myself in the most luxurious masquerade ball in the whole world.

A kind gentleman in a mask with a handsome costume opened the door for me. The door was like that of an ancient door built million of years ago. I looked at the wonderful and exquisite designs and artistic details carved on it. It was extraordinary and massive, that for a minute, I felt really puny and small but as I entered the hallway the tension built and all eyes looked at me; its like walking in the spotlight. I kept walking and felt extremely confident wearing the nicest and the most gorgeous prince costume with a stunning mask that compliments my facial features. I felt like I was James Bond. A man with charisma  and the man that melts every lady’s heart.

Royalties and upper-class people who came from diverse productive countries are wearing  elegant costumes, radiant ball gowns and beautiful feathered-masks, with expensive jewelleries and ravishing hats complimenting their classy style. They are all gathered together at this rare exclusive occasion. The room is decorated with fresh bouquets of colourful spring flowers as the lights spread their magical dust throughout this whole bewitching place. The ladies’ charming little eyes hid behind their diamond sequin masks as they smile warmly to welcome my presence. Men act like royalty and talked like businessmen. They look like the most powerful men in the world whilst the young lads danced and exchanged charming glances with the beautiful and lovely young ladies dancing gracefully on this enchanting masquerade ball. But something caught my attention in the right corner of the room where the alluring classical music comes from. There stood a big theatre stage, full of professional performers and talented musicians. I was enchanted by the magic of the whole scene that appeared before me. The dancers were dancing so gracefully and passionately as the soft soothing music played smoothly across the majestic white painted room. The scene was so enchanting as they move their body like feathers swaying peacefully in the wind, gentle as the song in my ear and free as the midnight air. It was so magical and enchanting that I’m completely under its spell.

I gathered my feet and walked down this long heavenly staircase and their whole attention is turned to me once again. In this height I can see everything that is happening in this glorious graceful masquerade ball. Princesses, little heirs and princes are playing and chasing after each other as royal maids and waiters with their blue coloured uniforms serve these high class people of the civilised world. In the empty corner of the room I spotted a shy little girl wearing the most elegant and glamorous dress made with silk and diamonds; but she doesn’t look happy. I felt mercy for the child. I led my way into the crowd and walked towards her. I  got my white handkerchief from my left pocket and gently wiped the tear on her eye. She gave me a sweet smile and utter a wonderful word of thank you, but I hugged her unconsciously with tears flooding from my eyes. I hugged her tight and longingly. I felt as though she’s my little sister; my family. For a moment I felt complete and content.

The hosts and the crowd danced courteously and I was absorbed with their dazzling performance. I clapped my hands and was greatly astonished. The child joined her mother and sisters as I bid farewell. I continued  to wander in the room. I walked with my face lit up and wore the almost perfect smile. The pretty and charming young ladies can’t help but fall in love but I didn’t waste my time talking  to them. I have a business of my own. In front of me is a whole roast pig with an apple in its mouth. I can’t help but step a little bit closer and closer. The smell of it is inviting me to come over. It’s like a spell that is cast upon me and nothing is possible to break it. My stomach is rumbling whilst I stood there with eyes and mouth wide open. On top of my excitement I saw the rest of the luxurious and heavenly food spreading across this long grand table. The whole world stopped and revolved around me as my sparkling eyes looked at those fresh and juicy food along with the chocolate and cream filled desserts. I can’t believe it. I think I’m in heaven! The light shone so bright almost blinding me. The music sounded so angelic that my heart was totally blown away but someone shouted to my direction and interrupted my almost finished too good to be true fairytale.

A white car is parked with its front light fixed into my direction. It is one step closer to me and has almost hit me. I almost jumped out from my direction as two strange men came out furiously from the black rusty vehicle. They looked so angry and aggressive as they held me with both their muscular arms as I try to struggle and escape. I tried to kick them as hard as I could but they were so strong especially the one with a weird scar on his face. His eyes are scary and his grip on my arms is so tight that I tried to shout and smack him in the face. I shouted on top of my lungs and called for help but the place remained silent as it was earlier, the water flowed through the pipe silently, the cat run away in fright. The moon didn’t show up and the stars never twinkled. The place remained haunted, as it was the whole time as the shadows hid silently and camouflaged themselves in the darkness. I can’t help but cry. I thought this place was safe. I thought they were family. I thought I wasn’t alone. The music and the sound that kept me alive, slowly faded away. I felt so weak and helpless as the police cuffed my hands and brought me into the back seat of their old squeaky car.

“Status does not define a person. It’s his heart that defines who he really is.”

Anthel 2009

This is a story I made back in college for principles of acting and made it into a short play. It is really heart-warming being able to bring this piece to life 🙂  Thank YOU for reading. I hope it reaches your heart. Godbless you.


  1. Your story is heart warming. Your characterizations are very simple yet you create a vivid description of what is happening which makes the story more savory. Ilove the way you write and I love the story it self. You inspired me! Thank you 🙂

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