There are dark times, really bad ones. Troubles abound, one after the other. You’ll feel the ground trembling beneath your feet. Your light is blinking and spirit shaking. All you want is to stop and give up. You realize that nothing really comes easy. And if it’s easy, then it’s even worse. Easy can be doing nothing. Easy may not entitle you the right to live, the right to eat, the right to survive, because you don’t earn it.
But why does it always have to be the hard way? Why do we have to feel pain? Why is it so unfair?
…But what if these questions do not exist at all, will you stop and take time to look around? Will you ever get so humbled and realize that you’re just a dot in this world? That there are people out there who would have traded their lives in exchange of your peace and sustainability? Perhaps not.
When you take a pause and look back, you’ll see the road bumps you’ve conquered and try to feel again what it’s like when you were there in those trying times. Then it comes to you that this life offers you all the kinds of feelings and states, everything you can get – happiness, triumph, pain, injustice, being alive but alive, and being alive but dead, and just breathing for the sole sake of it.
It was never easy before, so it’s kind of normal to be this hard now. And you made it out alive up until this day. So maybe for that reason, you’re not going to stop. You’re going to continue to breathe. You’ll keep holding on. Whatever it is that’s pulling you down, remember there’s gravity, and it’s a natural force that’s keeping your feet in place, and maybe you just have to live with that and accept that. After all, you won’t really like it to be flying off anywhere else in the universe. Here, people and circumstances are going to be unfair and they’ll keep causing you pain but that’s just how they should be so that you’ll never feel that this life is perfect, so that you will keep on raising your head towards heaven, so that you will remain human. You’ll keep moving on even in the presence of hurt and you just hope that there will be better days waiting for you. And it’s going to be like that – living with great sense of faith and hope.
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I'm an accountant who loves to read books and write personal journals, inspirational essays, reflections, poems, and diaries. I believe in the beauty of dreaming and the rewards of doing it and chasing it.