My Two Cents About Life’s Blows and Letting Go

It is no secret that there is no shortage of obstacles in our lives that we are all experiencing. Everyone has their own shares of problems and difficulties. Everyone is also going through a lot of obstacles and hardships in life. So basically, there’s not a single soul who’s living a perfect life.

Though almost all of us experience problems, it is how to deal with these life’s atrocities that people differ.

Usually, some people, especially men, would drown themselves with intoxicating liquids when dealing with problems. They temporarily forget the pain but upon waking up in the morning, what do they have? Hangover!

Women deal with it by inundating themselves with rivers of tears, crying almost every night, crying when they hear a song about break-ups, lost love etc…  Then when they wake up in the morning, they scream like a banshee after seeing their bulging  eye bags in the mirror.

Others resort to food bingeing which makes them obese, while some lose their eating appetite and suffer from anorexia. I could tell of many other ways to deal with these problems based on the stories of people I get to talk to but it may take me all day to write them so I’ll stop right here.

Is there really a standard or proper way of dealing with life’s hard blows? One that is universally accepted and practiced? I guess none. There are problems that are not that difficult to resolve. In fact, we can even avoid them completely. As people doing yoga would say, “It’s mind over matter.”

Proper problem solving may be done if we have good mental control. It is indeed just a matter of having a clear mind. If our minds are cluttered, we couldn’t think soundly. We tend to act irresponsibly and make wrong decisions, thus making matters worse. Whereas, when our minds are focused and relaxed, the results of our decision-making will be amazingly productive and we could feel general relief from these tense issues.

We sometimes think that we could deal with difficulties discreetly. But it would be unwise to do so. As the old saying goes, “No man is an island.” The more people we get involved with in discussing our situations, the more swiftly we are likely to resolve these problems. But if we force ourselves to hold back the unpleasant feelings and restrain them inside our hearts,the effect on us might be destructive.

I am one who likes to withhold negative feelings inside of me. Whenever I have problems, I just keep them to myself. Trying to solve it on my own, or just plain ignoring it, acting like nothing’s happening. And when I get them all bottled-up inside and I feel like I want to explode, I just burst in tears. Sometimes I discuss it with someone, but not giving all the details. I just feel that I have to let go of some of the excess baggage and it somehow makes me feel better.

Oftentimes, when a friend confides in us, we easily tell them to just let go of it. But why is it that when we are on the same situation, it is very hard for us to do so?

I have long been searching for the answer, finding ways of how to finally learn the art of letting go, but my efforts proved futile until now.

I guess there is really no easy way of letting go and moving on. We really have to endure the pain and suffer the consequences for a time. It may take a little while or longer, but the important thing is that at the end of the day, we could let go and move on. With help from HIM and a little help from our family and friends, we’ll be able to see life in a positive perspective.

I still hope to learn the art of letting go. Learn to be detached, and learn not to cling to things no longer worth clinging to.  I still have a lot of things and unpleasant feelings that I have to discard. With so much that is happening in my life now, problems piling-up so high, I would need to take a breather and enjoy life once in a while.

Maybe when I finally think things over and I’m ready to cast all my worries away, then and only then could I be finally happier and be at peace…and I am so looking forward to that. Cheers!

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  1. Hi ivy, thank you for that enlightening message. I am hopeful that everything will turn out better for me one day, in His time. My faith in Him is unwavering despite all the odds that I’ve been going through and I never questioned His will. Thank you for reading my blog. 🙂

  2. Letting go is a process, sort of like mourning an old friend that you will never ever get to see again. Once you realize that life will never be the same again, you have a choice what to do with your life..wallow in self-pity or let go, move on and have a wonderful new life. Our problems don’t dictate our life, but you can make those problems as a stepping stone to motivate you into a better and stronger person. Life’s trials are there to sharpen us and make us realize that nothing is perfect and that once in a while we may stumble and fall, but there is always the chance of getting back up and moving on. For ” when you see only one set of footprints in the sand, it was then that I carried you. ” Believe in HIM and he will never ever fail you.

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