The Amazing You

I'm with my other half

I don’t know what brought us here but knowing you seems to have made my world complete.

I love you even with your flaws I love it all.

I hope, in the long run we will never be bitter but rather everyday will bring a better life for us.

I never wished to have a short term relationship and as much as I can I’m dreaming that this will be the last.

Dear Lou,

Hon, thank you so much for being always there for me despite of the past I had. You made me feel whole again. I thank you for the love and care you shower to me everyday. For waking me up everyday, to call and text me, to remind me to eat my breakfast and take my vitamins. I know before I never had this kind of relationship. Everyday I keep singing a lonely song but the moment you came to my life everyday I sing a Christmas song.

Not only that, thank you for coming into my life at the most perfect time for both of us. I won’t forget the time, the first time I saw you inside the car in the pier; it was November, feel the moment of winter and just like our feelings that is hotter than summer. I never expected that because of my calling card, I have you now in my life.

You know what, I realized that everything happens for a reason. It may take us long to discover what exactly our purpose in this world is, but for us to have this relationship,  healthy and amazing, always know that God gives you the right answer.

Years from now, we may be far from each other. But don’t forget that even if sometimes you get the feeling of being tired holding the steering wheel alone, wave still coming back into the shore. I LOVE YOU.

Honey Mylabz,
Grace <3

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