The 7 Filipino Sins: Wrath

Note: This is a continuation of The 7 Filipino Sins: Pride and Envy. published on November 29, 2011.


I’m going to open up a few wounds here, so please, let’s be adults and look at what’s currently going on: Gloria’s camp says that the Government is planning to kill her and ANOTHER Filipino is going to be executed in China.

First of all, let me open up the China Issue. We can all admit that the Philippines isn’t exactly China’s best friend; it’s larger, stronger, and more powerful than we ever were. China’s justice system, unlike ours, has a no non-sense policy when it comes to drugs and crime.

While we Filipinos are held back by “morals” and “values,” China’s days as a Communist/Socialist state has basically eradicated many of these in China. While individuals still have their own moral code, the government is run by what’s needed and should be done. Ours is run by public opinion, corruption, and the church. Who can blame them for doing their job?

We’re made queasy by the words “death sentence.” In China, that’s normal. In here, people can get away with drugs. In there, people are killed. I give my heartfelt condolences to the man’s family, but I will say this, this is not your fault but ours. It’s OUR fault because we let our government go with such horrible security measures and a flexible justice system. I can’t believe that he was only caught in CHINA! I’m not entirely sure how exactly this man was caught, but if he was caught like the three before him, then this problem falls directly on the government: How did he get past our customs?

Yet we’ll be mad at China if they go on. China has become the hatred of the Filipino race for a few times already. We gave them our condolences during the massacre on the bus, but soon we were bashing and insulting them for executing three Filipinos and trying to take what’s already been disputed. We’re mad just because a country man dies, but this example of wrath is unjustifiable; why should we get a free pass? Other people from other countries were also killed and we’re asking for a special exemption? No. I say that if he dies, be mad at the people who let him through in the first place!

We’re always angry. We’re angry at Arroyo for her corruption, but honestly, this is going too far. We want a trial, yet, a lot of us, don’t deny it, want her dead. Some want her to die, and if the government is planning to kill her, let them do so. Hypocrisy. I’m not defending this woman, who, if proven, could most likely be the reason for MANY MORE killings and crime, but that’s too far down the line. It’s not yet been proven, and until it is, we should treat her as another human being. For a country so set in values, we do a horrible job of practicing human rights: From “innocent until proven guilty” to “right to self-government,” we’ve also allowed ourselves to be led astray a lot of times. By who? Why, the very religion that tells us NOT to commit the 7 sins in the first place!

Politeismo. Remember that? We kept on crying out for “Justice” and “Respect” when we gave him none. We’re defending the God who said “Turn the other Cheek” and “People will persecute you..” For a religion that openly admits that it will be hurt, shamed, and abused, it does a horrible job of allowing itself to be done so. Free Speech has no limits. That’s why it’s called “FREE” in the first place. Let me give you an example: The westboro baptist church is a baptist church that pickets funerals and starts protests. They call soldiers “fags” and openly encourage prejudice against soldiers, atheists, and homosexuals. However, they’re not being stopped. Why? Free Speech.

That’s because in America, their judges and government is actually open and liberal. Huh. Isn’t the government’s head a member of the Liberal Party? Makes you wonder: Are we just really gullible or are do we just have really, really, skewed human rights laws?

The only reason I get to make these posts (other than the fact that DF isn’t biased.) is that right. I can say anything I want, whenever I want. There are restrictions, but unless my writing will make people murder all the people who commit these acts, then I’m safe.

But that doesn’t stop us from calling everyone “Persona Non Grata.” That’s only supposed to be used against officials. We Filipinos, however, use it against anyone who insults us. Grow up! Alec Baldwin is right! Filipina mail-order brides? Christ, I can’t open DF without a google ad offering me a Filipina bride “that’s looking for a foreign husband.”

And that’s wrath. Wrath, I believe, is everywhere in the Philippines. We believe we are being oppressed by everyone and everything. Isolationists believe that there are still imperialists threatening us and that we should stick with the 60/40 system. The squatters believe that they’re being oppressed by land owners. We all still believe that we’re being oppressed by corruption and by those who believe against what we think. I believe that we’re oppressing ourselves and just begging to be oppressed. I say we just STOP with wrath. We’re always mad over small things. We’re mad because we think that everyone’s out to get us. We’re mad because people tell us the truth. Honestly, what do you think? Leave a comment, it’ll be nice to know. Just don’t, you know, post a really angry one; you’ll hurt your case even before you start.

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