The 7 Filipino Sins: Pride and Envy.

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I’ve seen enough things to know that there’s a lot of stuff that we Filipinos love to do; whether it’s right or wrong, it doesn’t matter, we Filipinos just have a lot of habits. Habits stick. Habits don’t go away just because, and we Filipinos, just like any other race, all fall prey to vices and certain problems.


We Filipinos hate racism, yet it’s undeniable that some of us are prejudiced. We Filipinos claim to be religious, yet we also do things that are considered immoral. Our country is full of different types of people, but there are a lot of things that stand out. And this article, and the articles after, will be all about exposing what I see as wrong. I like to call them the “Seven Filipino Sins.”


Pride and Envy.

Is “Pinoy Pride” bad? Of course not. There’s nothing wrong about being proud of your race. One who doesn’t love his own nationality or race is pretty much lying to himself. You can flee from your country, but really, can you change your race?

No. The blood flows withing your veins, and with it, the hardships of your ancestors; their lives, whether positive or negative, all culminated in bringing you into this world. So it’s not bad.

Except, of course, when you’re a jerk about it. There are a lot of people who take pride to the extremes: Isolationists, Pinoy Supremacists, and even the ordinary Filipino folk. We’ve been thought, though I don’t know why, to believe that we’re the greatest race, the best race, and the most hardworking.

I can trace this back to the pro-poor and national unity platforms of the Church, the government, and many organizations. We’re proud to a fault. We believe that we can advance our economy on our own (60/40), we believe that our celebrities are super-world-famous (Pacman, Charice), and we believe that our ingenuity is being oppressed and stolen (Inventors.)

I find it annoying that Pacman and Charice are always called “Pambansang Kamao” and “International Singing Sensation” as if they were real titles. At first it was cute, the kind of thing you expect from the media, but soon, it became annoying. I get it, they’re famous, they’re hip, but please, it sounds drawn out and annoying already. If you have to remind everyone of how famous they are, then they’re not famous.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Pacman and Charice, but seriously, please, stop saying their win is our win. No, it’s not. Pacman won through blood, sweat, and tears. He didn’t do it because Filipinos are naturally gifted with super-fists.

If we were, we would win the gold in boxing in every single game. And no, don’t give me the “we’re not being supported enough” excuse; it’s common knowledge. You need to have a hunky, foreigner member in order to get the approval of the media *cough*Azkals and Volcanoes*cough*Again, we’re being proud of something not our own. We like them because of hunky foreigners, don’t deny it. The azkals were rumored to have even FOUGHT about it.

Our excessive pride makes it hard for us to accept that we’re not perfect.We keep on saying that foreigners love Filipinos because we work so hard. Yeah, but why? Because those honest OFWs are working for their families. Some are abused, others discriminated by their coworkers. What do we do to help? We bring them home. No prevention, just a hasty removal. It’s not a cure, that’s amputation. “What? You’re leg is broken? Okay, I guess we have to cut it off.”

For a country that’s so knee-deep in “Family Values” we don’t do enough to keep families together. Foreigners are willing to invest, it’s just that we won’t allow them to (60/40.)

We also keep on saying how cool our music is, how “gangsta” we are, and how K-POP is ruining our lives. First of all, I love OPM. Especially the rock. I just think that if we were going to support our Filipino Artists, maybe we can buy their albums. K-pop isn’t much of a difference, either. A friend of mine is an avid listener of K-pop and when I asked him about it, he said he liked the sound. We support them because they make music that appeals to the current generation.

Honestly, I haven’t heard many good OPM songs lately. In “Party Pilipinas” all I see is just covers of foreign songs and really slow tunes that make me fall asleep. What happened to rock? Do all the songs have to be gangsta rap that doesn’t even appeal to everyone? At least Charice does a little R&B, but wouldn’t it be better if she did songs that’s more modern? Here’s a suggestion, we love K-pop. Imitate what they’re imitating.

It’s seems like Envy to me. We’re jealous of K-pop because no one wanted to listen to anything else we make. The same goes for many things. We’re envious of people who win. I’ve told you all about it in one of my past articles, you can go search for it.

But Envy is also evident in crab mentality. Bring down the successful people by humiliating them. Envy, when paired with pride, is all about what we want because we believe we deserve it. If we don’t, we get angry.

So let me clear things up. We’re a proud race, but really, what good comes out of pride but false beliefs of grandeur? What good comes out of envy but petty squabbles? If we really want to advance, then turn away from sin. I don’t care what religion you believe in (I for one believe that we’re not all catholic, and I don’t like shoving religion down anyone’s throat.), we all want to advance. I think we can all agree that sin is hard to turn away from.

But come on, it’s just sin; if we’re really that proud of ourselves then why turn down from this challenge? Do your part and combat these two sins. You’ll change the country with even a simple act. Who knows,  you might prove me wrong. Soon, we may not be the proud or envious country, but one truly deserving of its pride and the envy of all the others.

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