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I haven’t written for quite a long time now. Can’t say I ran out of things or ideas to write about because almost every day I have had the urge to say something about certain stuff or events.

I guess I just didn’t have the time. No, I didn’t make time. But what I am writing about now is different and I can’t stand not sharing this to as many people as I can. Yes, it’s about miracles.

Even in biblical times we read about miracles done by Jesus like raising the dead back to life, walking on water, and turning water into wine. Now, people tend to have different interpretations of what a miracle is. It may be someone really sick getting better, someone who died then lived again, surviving a fatal catastrophe, and a lot of other things you can think of which cannot be explained by science or logic.

Yesterday I watched this movie with my dad, the title was Miracles from Heaven (I recommend you watch it.). It’s about a child who had this really chronic, hopeless condition who – after resorting to letting her spend her remaining time with her family at home – fell from a tree then “magically” became healed, not to mention that she only had minor cuts and bruises from falling 30 feet down.

By magic, I meant like all of a sudden all her symptoms disappeared and her body seemed to reset into a healthy one. Halfway through the movie did I realize that the movie was actually from the real life story of a girl who went into that exact experience! There may be a lot of skeptics, but I, for one, choose to believe it is true.

As a nurse, I have encountered many things which simply cannot be explained by science. There are things which happen in the hospital which even the most expert of doctors cannot comprehend nor explain. There are patients who have been on coma for several months with absolutely no signs of life except for the breathing initiated by the ventilators and heartbeat generated by pacemakers or medications. There are those patients which the doctors already gave up on and were just waiting for nature to take its course and end the patient’s suffering. But you know what? I am blessed to have encountered several of these patients who are now talking and are starting to walk! Some of these patients we have even sent home to their families smiling and well. There is just no logical or medical explanation.

Personally, I have been granted my own miracles as well. If others would say they were living their second life, this present life of mine is probably the 4th or 5th, or I don’t even know how many I have already had. When I was a baby, I fell from a wooden bed which was quite high considering I was a few days old. I don’t know if the one looking after me that time fell asleep or what, but what I do recall from my parents’ and relatives’ stories was that when my mom searched for me, she found me on the floor, sound asleep. I never cried; no bruises, no cuts, no anything! Then when I was a toddler, I stepped on a chico peel and slipped on the floor, but the magnificent thing was my parents and grandfather said they really saw me falling down slowly as if someone was cradling me as I was falling to the floor. I was left unscathed.

When I was young, my dad also told me that I used to be confined in the hospital almost every week and my mom used to always cry for me. As I got older, I still was kind of sickly. Went through Dengue Fever 3x, bled from my nose and mouth on the first 2 and was constantly put to sleep for 3 days due to persistently severe headaches which required regular pain medications. Each instance the doctors warned my parents that I should take care not to have Dengue again because as it repeats, I get closer to being in a really critical condition which may even cost me my life. Actually on the 3rd time as I was always sleeping for 3 days (waking up only to complain of pain then being put to sleep again), I didn’t even know my mom was always crying in the room because that time the diagnosis was not yet clear and she didn’t know what was happening to me. I didn’t know that my dad kept on calling my mom asking for updates yet I couldn’t talk to him because I was always asleep. I didn’t know that my then boyfriend came by to visit even when he was fixing his application abroad in Manila.

My mom said he’d come by and kiss me on the forehead even if it was already late and even if I was sleeping. I wasn’t aware of what was happening. Then on the 4th day, when I woke up and had my first oral intake without throwing up, was when we found out it was my 3rd Dengue incident. And now, I am alive, well, and writing this article.

Many of my family members have also experienced miraculous healings, from my grandpa who was only given 6 months to live when my mom was just 3 years old, yet he is still very much alive today, 49 years later; to my grandma who has survived having water in her lungs, bacteria in her heart, multiple blood transfusions and mild stroke. Stories of healing in our family alone are countless, what more for other families?

However, it doesn’t mean that just because God did not heal you, or your loved one, He is absent or not listening to your prayers. I don’t have an answer as to why, but trust in His purpose, no matter how hard it may be at times.

Miracles come in big and small packages. They are not confined to just the miraculous healings or resurrections. They happen even through small things, through anonymous people. Miracles happen every time, and everywhere. They exist in the unconditional love of our families who stay no matter how many times we disappoint or hurt them. They exist in the constant friendships we have with our peers despite our many quarrels. They exist in the jobs we have in which we are the ones chosen amongst the thousands of equally qualified applicants. They exist in the laughter of children who we do not know, yet by an unknown reason hearing them laugh makes us smile. They are in people who manage to do simple things that make you feel better when you feel really down. They are the people who we may or may not know, that seem to “magically” appear or say things at the right time and place that we need them most. They are in people who give warmth and kindness to others who even treat them wrongly. They are in nations who set aside their disputes to give aid to a catastrophe-stricken country.

Sometimes they may even appear as nuisance like getting your shoelaces untied and stopping to fix it, being stuck in traffic, or going back to get your keys – because these nuisances are some of the miracles that saved some people from the 9/11 attacks in New York, and are the very reasons they are still living today.

There is no logical explanation as to how and why. No scientific basis. Miracles come from a source which cannot be explained by anything and anyone. Miracles come from GOD, and God is everywhere. Even you can be a miracle to someone else. You don’t need reason, science or logic to justify a miracle; you just need FAITH to see it. Sometimes we think we may never find it. Sometimes we think God has forsaken us. But He has His plans, and these are better than ours. Just look around. Look within. Have faith in God’s purpose. There, you will see the miracle that you seek. Or better yet, BE the miracle in someone’s life today.


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