Thanks, My Nosey Neighbors

neyborsHave you ever experienced having your neighbors predict as to how or what your life would be based on what happened to your siblings?

My three sisters got pregnant when they were only 14 years old. I ‘m not sure  if it had something to do with my Dad being so strict. I remembered my sisters had to be home before 10:00 pm, otherwise there would be punishments. It’s either my Dad would hit their bottom with a piece of wood or he would beat them up.

I remember them being home early and  pretending to be asleep, and then would snick outside when my Dad fell asleep. They like to dance, but my father wouldn’t let them go, even though it was just in the next neighborhood. I remembered my sisters climbing over the fence early in the morning, just to be in their beds before my dad figures out that they were not home.

Hindi ako palalabas ng bahay, contrary to my sisters. Na-trauma yata ako sa mga kapitbahay namin na lagi akong pinagtsismisan. Hehe. I hate being outside hanging out with neighbors gossiping around. Hence, they called me “suplada”. My life was boring, it’s either I was at school, work, home and church. Pinangako ko sa sarili ko na hinding hindi ako matutulad sa mga kapatid ko and that I’d be the first one in the family who would get a college degree.

Tuwing pupunta ako sa kapitbahay naming tsismosa to buy stuff lagi na lang nyang sinasabi “maging teen age mother ka rin Ana, gaya nang mga kapatid mo!” Pumutok talaga ang galit ko at that time. Sino ba naman ang hindi magagalit gutom kana tapos sasabihan kapa nang ganon, so I said to her “ Hoy bruha sawang sawa na ako sa mga hula mo, why don’t you get a life! Mag pa slim ka nga! kaya ka pinalitan nang asawa mo kasi ang taba taba mo! I felt bad after because it seemed like I hurt her feeling.

May psychological effect yata yong mga predictions sa akin nang mga kapitbahay namin kasi I thought that if you smiled to a guy, even though you knew him, flirting yon, so I never smiled to them. Because of this, at the age of 20, I never had a boyfriend, waaa.

Years passed, hindi yata nagkatotoo yong hula sa akin ng mga kapitbahay namin, so iba na naman ang hula nila sa akin. Since nakita nila na wala akong boyfriend, hinuhulaan naman nila na maging old maid daw ako kasi wala daw magkakagusto sa akin (unbelievable! gotta love your neighbors, eh?)

Valentines Day, is like a funeral day to me because pagtsitsismisan na naman ako nang mga kapitbahay namin na walang magawa sa buhay! Tuwing dadaan ako pupuntang trabaho sasabihan ba naman ako “ Alam naming pupunta ka sa plaza Ana para magpa firing squad kasi wala kang ka date.” Ang sarap sapakin nang mga taong ito. The next Valentines day, I ended up sending myself a bunch of flowers and chocolates. The neighbor didn’t know that I had them send to myself because I asked my officemate to use his name.

By the way, my sisters got married with the men who impregnated them. Nagkaasawa narin ako sa awa ng Diyos, lol. One of my neighbor’s daughter became unwed mothers (nakarma yata sa pagiging tsismosa nang ina). I should say thank you to my nosey neighbors because if it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t get a college degree. Sila ang naging inspirasyon ko sa buhay , hehe.

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I am a vegan. I play piano, saxophone, violin, trumpet and guitar on my spare time. I love reading since that's how you learn, right? I preferred reading English or Taglish since I am originally from Visayas region and there are words in Tagalog that I don't understand. I don't usually read fiction, especially love story since "and they live happily ever after" does not exist. I also love martial arts! Hoping I'll get my black belt this next session.