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Text Messages (Photo Credit: Nokiaconnects)
Text Messages (Photo Credit: Nokiaconnects)

My eyes are fixed on a half-empty bond paper as my mind stared blankly on the unfinished words. My consciousness, however, keeps on nagging me to finish my work when my phone suddenly informed me I got one new message. Wondering

Text Messages     (Photo Credit:   Nokiaconnects)
Text Messages (Photo Credit: Nokiaconnects)

who on earth would text at this very late hour, [well, for those who have roaming numbers, you will understand what I mean] I curiously checked it out. The screen displayed “mumsie” as the messenger. [Got more curious] How come my mother is still awake? Clicked ok. Opening. A sudden, unexplainable touch dawned upon me, thus tears rolled down my eyes as I kept on pressing next to read the entire content of the text message, it goes like this:

…the Lord will strengthen you, each step along the way..

…and let God’s Spirit guide you gently day by day..

…for the Lord has the power to help you heal and grow..

…because the love of God will never let you go..

God bless you.. Good night anak…

I know how text messages goes around in the Philippines. This, for instance, will be sent by someone to, let’s say, 50 people, [by the way, that is if the sender is subscribed to an unlimited text offer] then from these 50 receivers, maybe half of them will each pass this text message to another 50 people, and so on and on… Messages come and go, everyday actually. Until, I guess, it becomes common already and the depth of the message is no longer articulated very well. For this one, it might just be a normal “quote” message we receive, but – a text message, regardless of how good, bad, funny, emo, serious, intellectual, or nonsense it is, will have its final “tag” the moment it reached the receiver’s perception.

Others might not deem the depth of this message, but it served as a Rhema to me. No need to go in details what’s up or what happened for this day. What I know is that when I thought I wouldn’t make it for today, I did – through Him. His help is never that late to make us suffer, and not that early to make us first realize our need of Him, but on time – when we’ve done our part to cause His hands at work.. and that is prayer… And tonight, I felt His touch. I felt His comfort. I felt the joy of a victor’s triumph. Tomorrow is another day, another chapter.. meaning I will be in the arena of faith again, should I face another trial, I know He’s just right beside me.. Should my mind get off-tracked, I know His rod and staff will bring me close to Him again.. I might not receive another text message to ponder on, but I know that God speaks through many ways…

Aside from these that He made me feel and realize tonight, I also felt like my mother is just close beside me, bidding her words of love before finally settling to rest for the night… what a bonus…

At times, when we least expect it, God works in a nonsensical ways, yet so powerful… We look around to grab for a helping hand, but His is just around us, only if we notice. Now come to think of it, if God can cause a donkey to talk and thus minister to Balaam, I’m sure it’s not a no-no if He uses [Godly] text messages to minister to His children…

Text lover? Don’t miss an opportunity to be a blessing… We never know the wonders of His works…

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