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Tech Supports are amazing peeps! They help you fix issues that you can’t handle  through pagpalo at kalampag troubleshooting. Most common is internet issues When all else fails with your modem they are the ones you call out for help.

Let me share how I troubleshoot lately.

Troubleshooting 101:

Know if POWER LIGHT is ON.

Crucial step in troubleshooting. No point in doing all additional steps kung wala naman power yung box. Meaning, before you show any attempt to fix a broken heart make sure that the person is willing to move on. Wag muna ipilit pag ‘di pa ready.

Status of the BROADBAND LIGHT.

This is important, as a tech we need to know what we are fixing. Knowing the STATUS. Not all statuses may Go signal, marunong ka dapat lumugar. Pag taken na siya huwag na ipilit baka connection lang internally ang issue wala naman sa network n’yo. In short, walang kinalaman sa ’yo. If Broadband light is Green that means it should be working. Baka kaya pa ayusin yung connection sa loob kaya wag ka muna atribido. Pag RED ang broadband ibig sabihin wala talaga connection na pumapasok sa port, so what we do is we do “PORTBOUNCE”, we initiate a spark to revive the connection. Ito yung stages na pinapakilig mo siya sa mga sweet thoughts at pasimpleng “ingat” araw-araw.

If broadband is green, check the SERVICE LIGHT.

Usually if service light is RED then that means there’s a down line somewhere, it’s an OUTAGE. These circumstances are like hard stops of troubleshooting. Ibig sabihin hndi mo talaga mapapagana. Pag sinabi niyan na ayaw niya or hindi pa siya ready, huwag ipilit. Ikaw lang aasa pero sa kanya wala lang, nganga.


This is a simple task na nao-over look minsan ng customers natin. Mostly we look at what’s in front of us rather than what’s behind those beautiful faces. We see how mesmerizing their eyes are but we didn’t check baka daming luha na iniyak nun. The prettiest smile hide the deepest secret and the kindest hearts have felt the most pain kumbaga. You fell for the image not with the personality.

If the Cables are good, check how they are connected, HARDWIRED OR WIRELESS.

This is where you can justify if the Lan port, ethernet cable ang posibleng sira or simply mali lang sila ng nilalagay na wifi password. What customer thought they are doing right might be wrong all along. Akala nila tama ginagawa nila kasi sa point of time na ‘yun they felt fulfillment and excitement pero mali pala. A friend of mine named “BALONG” taught me that “a wrong can never be right no matter what you do.”

Pag ayaw pa rin talaga, let us then check the IP ADDRESS their device is getting.

This is the complicated part. You walk the customers through how to check the IP they have on their device. Testingin both dynamic and static address (if they have one) kung saan gagana. Sa dynamic IP niya dapat nasa format lang ng 192.168.1.xx kailangan mo i-explain sa kanya that because they are using private IPs, chances are, it changes everytime baka kung gusto nila ng stick to one they may need to consider getting static IP instead. Lagi dapat may choice si customer, hindi yung Tech Rep ‘yung masusunod. Bigyan natin sila ng choice mamili kung ready na ba sila sa bago or they are still hanging on to that thread from their past.

Covered everything but still not working? Baka kailangan na ng FACTORY RESET.

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This step is going to wipe the modem clean back to its factory default config. Most of the time it works. Kasi kailangan niya ibalik at hanapin ‘yung dating siya para magka-self realization siya kung san ba siya nagkamali. This is the turning point for the technician. Kasi pag nahanap na niya sarili niya puwedeng bumalik siya sa dati niya at ikaw na palaging andiyan sa kanya during those hard times eh wala… d’yan ka lang tunganga. Dito sa stage na mararanasan na biglang hndi na siya nagrereply, ikaw naman si tanga nasanay na maghintay. BOOM!

And finally, when everything failed. TECH DISPATCH.

Ito na ‘yung pinakadulo. Maybe the modem has gone bad that it needs replacement or upgrade. Ito na ‘yung magbibigayan na kayo ng mga salitang, Bye, farewell, ingat lagi. Dito na matatapos ‘yung pag-uusap n’yo ng caller mo kahit gusto mo pa siya tulungan kaso wala na talaga dahil bumitaw na siya.

Life did not come with a manual so it never was easy. Sometimes we fall down because there are things down there that we are supposed to find. Zachry Douglas once said, “The broken will always love harder than most. Once you’ve been in the dark you learn to appreciate everything that shines.”

End of troubleshooting 101, ciao!

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