teacher photoWay back nine years ago, I entered the world of teaching without any clue on what will I find there. Well, I knew that time that teaching is not an easy task. I knew it because I have been a tutor when I was in college. Yeah, I know that formal teaching can’t be compared to tutoring but somehow both require students to learn.

As I mentioned it was not an easy road. I need to adjust, a lot. Like for example, before I was soft-spoken. I did not know how to modulate my voice. I did not know how to make a lesson plan. All I know is that I need my student to learn and understand what I am teaching.

Though the road is not easy, full of challenges, I learned. Little by little, I was able to modulate my voice. I learned how to make a proper lesson plan. I learned as I teach.

When I was in high school, even in college, teaching is the last thing I would like to be. Who would have thought that I will be a teacher? Furthermore, an adviser! Technically speaking, I enjoyed teaching, I began and loved teaching. And who taught me that? My students.

I learned that I love teaching because I love to see my students learning, understanding, pursuing excellence. I love to contribute simething good to my students, even just a drop of it. And I never expected anything in return. Oh yeah, I expected something from them – I expected them to learn, to love learning.

And that was before. Now, I am questioning myself. Do I have the makings of a teacher? Nowadays, I never felt that they learn. It’s as if I was not able to part something to them. It’s as if at the end of the day, they wasted their time during my period because it’s as if they did not learn anything.

I know that what we have now are 21st Century learners. That is why, I am also adapting to the call of times. But, I can’t see that I am making any progress.

Maybe, just maybe, I lost my spark. Maybe, just maybe, I am not really for teaching. Maybe, just maybe, this is not the Will of God for me.

However, whatever life may bring, nonetheless, at least I took pride in loving teaching.

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