Take Time to Look Around


Who says that we are not loved? And happiness remains to be elusive? Just look around us. In nature, we can find peace and serenity. In our solitude, nature has its own way of telling us that our world is worth living, no matter how lonely we are. We should just learn to appreciate the little things we take for granted in our lives.


Let’s imagine that we are in an island, in a tropical paradise. If nature could talk, what would it tell us? This is how I imagined it to be.

WIND-“Whenever you are sad , I will be the wind that blows and whispers to your ear; you are not alone, I will keep you light and breezy, in a state of calmness and relaxation.”

SUNLIGHT– “Whenever you feel your world is dark and hopeless, I will be the ray of sunshine that will make your day bright and sunny. Telling you that there will always be a new day to look forward to.”

FLOWERS– “Whenever you travel through life experiencing rocky roads, stop for a while and look around. I will be the flower that blooms for you. I will shower you with my petals, and hypnotize you with my fragrance. Putting a smile to your face, reminding you life is beautiful and marvelous.That things are gonna be alright.”

SEA-“Whenever you feel you are unloved and need affection, go out to the sea. My waves will kiss you and hug you. I will make you feel secured, wash away your frustrations and sadness, and make you feel like a new person.”

TREES– “Whenever you feel you need approval and you need a firm foundation to lean on, I will be the oak tree that will help you hold on and stand your ground. I will shake my branches in approval and let my leaves caress your face and skin. Soothe you of your pain and sorrow.”

BIRDS– “Whenever you feel life is monotonous, look up in the sky. I will be the bird that gleefully flaps its wings for you, doing amazing twists and turns, leaving you spellbound. I will even sing a song for you, singing melodies that will cheer you up.”

If we just take time to look around, we would realize that life is a precious gift. Life may be far from perfect, but nature has its own way of telling us, that we are not alone in our sadness. Happiness can be achieved easily, if we learn to see the beauty in the simple things we take for granted.

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