Take the Chance to Love

Take the Chance to Love (Photo Credit: 708manor)
Take the Chance to Love (Photo Credit: 708manor)
Take the Chance to Love       (Photo Credit:    708manor)
Take the Chance to Love (Photo Credit: 708manor)

Looking at love and relationships from where I am currently standing, I am stating that love is indeed beautiful.

It doesn’t matter if the person you love doesn’t reciprocate the exact feeling you have for him or doesn’t love you the way you want that person to. When you love, you get to learn a great deal of things about yourself, the person you love and most especially, how life goes.

For certain, you won’t learn heaps when you don’t understand the real meaning of such word. So love and give out love. Love someone unconditionally and without reservation. You might get hurt, yes, certainly you will. However, you will learn. Once you learn, you get to be stronger and wiser. You’ll realize that even with all the fuzz and limbo this feeling called love can cause, love is indeed beautiful.

If you haven’t found the person to love yet, just wait. Observe and speculate. One should always take risks because no one can ever predict the future. Don’t be afraid to take chances, to get hurt and to be in a relationship. Once you’re inside a true relationship founded with true meaningful feelings we all call love, you’ll realize that it’s nicer to feel safe and secured with someone – that no matter how ugly you appear, or how bad your new haircut is, or how bad your breath stinks in the morning, beyond all things, you love and you are loved in return.

We can say the word love a million times without getting to sound or mean anything. Such word only mean something once you truly feel it. When someone matters, you know that you feel such beauty and such great emotions inside that didn’t happen before you met that person who matters. Thus, you realize what love truly means.

author:   steff pelausa


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