I Am Woman

February 15, 2016 alaykka.fowler 0

Hi everyone! I’m sharing to you my winning piece from the 2015 Iligan City Gender and Development Essay-writing Contest. Enjoy reading! I am woman. I […]

20th century misfit

March 19, 2015 ignite 0

She cries silently every night thinking of the uncertainties in life. Does she still belong in this world where attractive and scantily clad people are […]


September 10, 2013 april13 0

Another day is over.  Tomorrow is another story left to unfold.  For now, SHE steps back inside her safe haven; alone; naked; undefended. SHE; just […]


August 17, 2013 terradegramm 0

“My heart is broken, but I am alive and he did that. And when you are alive, you feel pain. Those are the rules.” (Jess […]

Silver Year

April 14, 2013 april13 0

SILVER. Your time has come.  Your time is now.  You herald a new era in this so-called-life.  Have you arrived way too fast?  Maybe not.  […]

Woman: The Heroine

December 12, 2012 april13 2

Woman. You are a complex being indeed.  Your heart holds many secrets locked away in deep slumber.  Your life is a mystery, a complicated puzzle […]

The Curse of Eve

October 28, 2012 zouiey 0

Almost every newly wedded woman feel she is the most blessed on earth. In the first three months of married life up to the conception […]

Love a Girl Who is ACAH

August 28, 2012 I am 1

Love a girl who is ACAH for she carries with her the appreciation of the world and a world of appreciation. She has the richness […]