Rebuilding A Filipino Home From Start To Finish

September 20, 2015 Paula Bernasor 0

Krizzia Bacoy’s life was left in pieces following the disaster. Typhoon Haiyan, the largest to ever make landfall, swept across the Philippines leaving the then 23-year-old mother-of-two clinging to a tree and holding her youngest son close to her just so they could survive.

My Untold Tacloban Story

July 19, 2015 Paula Bernasor 0

I will never go back to Tacloban! I swore myself this 4 years ago out of scorn. I was a lost nomad with an unset direction and unclear vision. What Tacloban gave me was the priceless gift of clarity and hope.

The Next Alcantara: Raising AZKALS from Rubbles

March 2, 2015 Paula Bernasor 0

It is not yet certain when we will find the next Alcantara but a part of him lives in every Filipino. If these children can rise up from nothing, so can the rest of us Filipinos. We are not mere spectators of a match, we are players. Let it be an impetus towards real nation building.


November 21, 2013 Ged 0

HOPE, is an important part of Filipino culture. Once again it is being tested in its utmost sense. In the aftermath of the devastating typhoon […]