A Scene to Ponder On

July 29, 2018 Mommyjoyce 0

Saw this on my friend’s Facebook wall. Made me ponder on something seemingly small but makes an impact. A lesson in life, no doubt. There […]

Forgiveness (Photo Credit : Lacedwithgrace)

Father and Son

May 3, 2012 c-anne 6

Three months before my high school graduation, my father summoned me at his office. It had a separate entrance at the East side of the […]

Scared to be Me

February 28, 2012 Teyodani 121

I am gay. My story is unlike many others I’ve heard, even filled with less hardship. My parents did not like it of course yet […]

Crabs… Crabs… Crabs

January 30, 2012 tinta 1

Crab Crabs… Crabs… Crabs… Go away or stay on us.. Fill our mind with mischievous intents… To be envy with our fellow when they were […]


December 22, 2011 Christine Emerald 36

Sa panahon ngayon ang dalawang katagang ito ang palaging tinatanong sa karamihan, lalong lalo na sa ating mga kababayang nakapagtapos sa kolehiyo.Kung ikaw ang aking […]