#96 Wild Lilies

December 6, 2010 bobbyw59 0

www.PostcardsFromManila.com click to enlarge www.PostcardsFromManila.com If I said you could be surrounded by flowers in Lake Sebu, you probably wouldn’t expect something quite like this. […]

#94 Rainbow at Seloton

November 24, 2010 bobbyw59 2

A most unexpected sunset on the shores of a sunrise lake? Now you know it’s possible. Shortly before sunset, we arrived in barrangay Seloton in the […]

#72 Return of the King

June 21, 2010 bobbyw59 0

www.postcardsfrommanila.com Every sunrise is a gift: a promise of a brand new day. But don’t lose heart if you don’t catch it every single time. […]

#71 A Brackish Sea

June 15, 2010 bobbyw59 3

click to enlarge www.postcardsfrommanila.com Can a sea be brackish? Read on. We were in Busuanga, Palawan, on a banca speeding towards Cayangan Lake on the […]

#67 Fire at Dawn

May 17, 2010 bobbyw59 1

Every so often, you get lucky. We were on Badian Island in southern Cebu, a secluded little place about 2.5 hours by car from the […]

#66 Painted Skies

May 9, 2010 bobbyw59 3

What’s more beautiful than a strip of white sand surrounded by an emerald sea? One that’s under a painted blue sky, of course! Nine years […]

#65 Dusk over Misibis

May 2, 2010 bobbyw59 0

click to enlarge Patience is a virtue. Believe it. We waited to shoot the sunset along Misibis Bay on Cagraray Island in Albay but clouds […]

#63 Colors of Summer

April 19, 2010 bobbyw59 0

Anyone who’s been outdoors already know. Summer is here. We were in the province of Albay, on an island called Cagraray, inside a quaint little […]

#61 Burst at Dawn

April 5, 2010 bobbyw59 6

click to enlarge Every so often, you capture a photograph that will be hard to forget. It was five in the morning, and we were […]