Do you want a sucker?

April 16, 2015 Kuya Arz 0

When a person becomes a public figure, he/she must be fully aware that fame comes with consequences he/she must bear. Politicians and show business personalities […]

Is your closet clean?

March 12, 2015 Kuya Arz 0

Every Filipino would like to clean up our corrupt government.  Our government officials also want to eliminate corruption.  If that is the case, why can’t […]

No Pardon For Corruption

October 2, 2012 Mye 0

People who run the government conceal every bad motive in their genes. They present themselves spotless of scheme and greed. But once in position they […]


September 14, 2012 slickmaster 0

Epal. Isang salita na tumutukoy sa taong pagiging mapapel, yung mga sobrang papansin, at laging nakikisali(?). Uso na naman ang salitang “epal.” Aba, parang noong […]


November 22, 2011 Juan Pablo 25

Nabalitaan nyo na ba ang bagong panukala na gustong maisabatas ni Senadora Miriam Defensor-Santiago? Aba kung hindi pa eh pareho lang tayo! Nabalitaan ko lang […]