Is He/She the One?

February 14, 2013 pard 0

  How will you ever know if the one who just passed by is the right one for you? Everyone wants to meet their quality […]

Positive Lang!

February 11, 2013 slickmaster 0

11:39 AM | 02/11/2013 (Maliban sa mga usaping tulad ng pregnancy test, ha?) Hindi ako isang sikolohista o ni isang eksperto sa anumang larangan na […]

Silang mga KENKOY

November 19, 2012 slickmaster 0

“Hoy, hoy, hoy! Mister Kenkoy, bakit ka ngangamoy? Hoy, hoy, hoy, Mister Kenkoy! Ikaw ay nangangamoy kenkoy!” Ang nasabing linya ay halaw mula sa (circa) […]

You Only Live Once

October 31, 2012 slickmaster 0

As in literal. Minsan lang tayo mabubuhay sa mundong ito sa ganitong katauhan natin. Unless kung sa tingin mo ay na-reincarnate ka at nade-déjà vu […]

Take the Chance to Love (Photo Credit: 708manor)

Take the Chance to Love

July 4, 2012 No 0

Looking at love and relationships from where I am currently standing, I am stating that love is indeed beautiful. It doesn’t matter if the person […]

To Wait or Not To Wait?

March 13, 2012 Penguin 16

THE AGONY OF WAITING I was in a long-term relationship. He was my childhood sweetheart.It was a typical small-town-childhood-love-story. We were doing just fine until […]

Love Is A Decision

January 17, 2012 achie 6

What is love? Some may say that love is a strong feeling of liking for a person or an individual. I recall one of the […]