August 26, 2018 Mommyjoyce 0

“I’m sorry, I can’t come. Too many urgent work to finish.” “Sorry, I have to take a raincheck. I’ll send my gift for my niece […]

Si Pareng J.T.

July 27, 2018 kablog 0

“HOY, JUAN! BUMANGON KA NA RIYAN TANGHALI NA! ANO TATAMAD TAMAD KA NA NAMAN?” Ganyan, pare, araw araw na lang, malupit pa sa mga paputok […]


July 23, 2018 mistyblaze 0

Back to that cold dawn, and I feel the chill creep to my heart again. And I remember fear in his eyes as he quietly […]


July 22, 2018 mistyblaze 0

I was full of loathing. For us both. But I hated myself more, because I allowed everything to ruin what I tried so hard to […]


July 22, 2018 mistyblaze 0

  Allow yourself to feel, but know when to stop. You are allowed to feel, and sometimes also allowed to hurt, but know where to […]