The Gangnam Ride

October 3, 2012 Seiki 0

  Who can resist this song that is setting the world in a blaze with its fiery horse hopping steps? Yes, it’s that fat Korean […]

Salamat, Doktor Kim!

December 19, 2011 mariamarauder 65

Koreans are naturally beautiful. They are fair-skinned, generally tall, have straight, black hair. Everything we, Pinoys, dream to have. The problem is, Koreans don’t want […]

Obliterate Indolence

November 27, 2011 vonolea 18

This was from my high school English journal requirement; formal entry #1. —– Recently, Korean Pop music or more commonly known as ‘K-POP’ became a […]

The Korean Invasion

May 18, 2011 ragubalane 33

Barely 50 years after the Korean War and the animosity between the two conflicting Korean countries may anytime spark…the Korean invasion figuratively conquers our nation. […]