Burning Hearts

March 23, 2013 monettecalugay 2

Romance defined is an ardent emotional attachment between two people. It is the most apparent manifestation of love between two individuals, sharing mutual feelings for […]

Take the Chance to Love (Photo Credit: 708manor)

Take the Chance to Love

July 4, 2012 No 0

Looking at love and relationships from where I am currently standing, I am stating that love is indeed beautiful. It doesn’t matter if the person […]

Love VS. Romance and Lust

January 26, 2012 Maureen 8

I believe most of us really don’t pay attention with the differences between these two (love and romance) because obviously these are needed to make a relationship […]

Dear Women

January 14, 2012 astralshift 37

If you can’t take criticisms, do not read the entire post. This is a one-sided blog just like any girly girl blogs about how they hate […]

Miss Stress

December 29, 2011 iamsampot 3

Floozy, doxy, inamorata, paramour, courtesan, concubine, mistress. They called her many names. She never fought back, except for the tears wanting to free themselves from […]