Wake Up

June 21, 2018 cphechanova 0

Tick-tack…tick-tack… Tring……tring… Tenenentenen-tenenen… What if today is your last day, what will you feel? What will you do? Will you be happy? Will you be […]


December 2, 2013 jrgabriel720 0

Answering a bunch of emails at the office today, I was suddenly struck with a point for reflection.  Re-reading my replies, somehow it did make […]

Prostitution 101

August 11, 2012 ip-yon 2

Marami na ngayong kabataan ang lulong sa ipinagbabawal na gamot. Marami na ngayong mga kabataan na kriminal. Marami na ngayong kabataan na prostitute. Hindi natin […]

Dreaming about the future (Photo credit: anime.desktopnexus)

Dream of a Lady

August 7, 2012 emilyrockstar 0

  Nakatayo malapit sa dalampasigan ang munti naming tahanan. Malayo sa ingay, gulo at polusyon. Matatanaw mo ang ganda ng kapaligiran mula sa balkunahe. Maririnig […]

Beach Wedding (Photo Credit: wedding-invitations-ideas)


April 21, 2012 dollyciouss 3

Someday . . . I want someone who will look into my eyes, a smile on his lips with that cute little dimples on his […]

Speaking Up In Cavite

October 18, 2011 Jericho 0

Obviously, speaking up and taking control of ones future was the message of the Project Proficiency talk in STI Dasmarinas. What was ultimately surprising was […]

A Blank Diploma

March 31, 2011 DF Community 1

It’s graduation time once again and I thought of posting this article I wrote exactly five years ago today. I also wrote this a month […]