The Stolen Sea

August 27, 2018 rei.ansoni 1

South China Sea or West Philippine Sea had already been in conflict by China and the Philippines for the past years arguing for territorial dispute. […]

Of Health and Hate

August 23, 2018 danmeljim 0

Joma Sison, erstwhile Communist Party of the Philippines Chief and a failed revolutionary, posted on Facebook that President Duterte was in a coma and about […]

Once a President

August 17, 2018 danmeljim 0

There were wet footsteps on the wooden floor that led to the wooden chair by the window. No, not a chair that one could relax […]

Ikaw ‘Yan, Bes

October 26, 2016 Annamaria Alba 0

Just last week, the President declared his “separation” from the United States. He has dissed the country that has helped us for so long and […]


October 26, 2016 ragubalane 0

(Paunawa: Ang akdang ito ay kathang-isip lang. Anumang pagkakahawig nito sa pangalan, karakter, istorya, lugar at pangyayari ay representasyon lamang ng nangyayari at kalagayan ngayon […]

The Truth About Toto

July 9, 2016 ellegal 0

“Anong pangisi-ngisi mo dyan?” tanong ng matipunong gwardya. Hindi umimik si Toto. Naka tulala, at nakangiti habang tumatango-tango sa sarili at na kaupo sa kanyang […]

Dear Duterte

June 19, 2016 JadenRuby 0

Dear Duterte, Alam ko na gusto mong baguhin ang Pilipinas at kahit na hindi mo man magawang baguhin lahat-lahat, at least pinatunayan mo na talagang […]

The Night Before Digong

May 23, 2016 danmeljim 0

June 29th, 2016 The room was not only filled with excitement, laughter and smiles. There was electricity in the air. There was energy and enthusiasm […]

Why Not Death Penalty?

May 20, 2016 sanicortez 0

A folk hero of Davao City, hard against criminals, and he espoused summary execution for those who resisted arrest.  Now, because Digong Duterte was elected […]