The Fates

March 25, 2013 14th 0

For the past 25 years of my life, I’ve only written two short stories. It’s not for lack of imagination though. My head is always […]

Take the Chance to Love (Photo Credit: 708manor)

Take the Chance to Love

July 4, 2012 No 0

Looking at love and relationships from where I am currently standing, I am stating that love is indeed beautiful. It doesn’t matter if the person […]


May 6, 2012 Anne 14

“Why do you need to leave me if you truly love me?” “I have to. That’s the only way you shall live.” “What’s the essence […]

Time Is A Thief

March 5, 2012 Maria Vannesa Bal 4

Way back, as a kid, I didn’t like to play and wasn’t interested with dolls, dress-up games or any girly stuff. Dolls (Barbie dolls to be exact), […]